Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Birthday gifts!!

Last Saturday was Cyrus' 1st Birthday. Cyrus is my good friends, Miranda and Jay's baby boy!! I love going to visit them, and just hanging out talking.

I was going to post this last sunday, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise!! Also because Cyrus was a little sick she postponed his Birthday Party.

Today I got to go over and visit and I brought Tonia and her baby boy Chase with me!! I had a great time catching up, and just talking and hanging out. Although Cyrus was a little cranky he still made me happy when he came and sat with me for a while, and then came over and climbed up on me and made me giggle. I love that boy!

So I made him a sweet car play mat. Its made of felt and i found the pattern here. I was afraid that he would be a little to young for it still, and when i opened it up to show him he loved it...and he wanted to pick all the pieces up that were glued down. ( I find this kinda funny because Garrett told me i shouldnt glue them down so he an move them around and set up the town how he wanted to....maybe i should of gone with this idea...?)

But nothing a little glue can't fix, and it will be ready for him when hes ready to not destroy it ;-)

I also made him a cute owl pillow for his crib, or his shnazzy new recliner!!

Check out all the pictures!! I hope you enjoy!!

Peace & Love J-me

p.s. be back tomorrow afternoon with a post about my fabric freeze!!!

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