Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fabric Freeze yikes!!

Hey Everyone, wow 2 posts in a row crazy!!!!

So some of my facebook friends may have noticed that i decided to go on a fabric freeze. Meaning that I have decided that I will not buy any fabric for the duration of April..UNLESS haha yeah there is one of those.... that is unless, one of the many projects i need to get done, i have forgotton to buy some for it and can no longer move foward with it.

Here are all the projects that I need to finish/start:

1. Amy Butler Nesting bags - 2 more to go!
2. Amy Butler checkbook cover
3. P2 modern solids quilt along quilt - week one just started!

4. Hexagon quilt i started like last year- Some pieced, still more to sew and cut!

5. Old Red Barn Co quilt along  I also started last year (pieces cut, no sewing done)
6. Garretts Anniversary Quilt turned Birthday Quilt- Making Garrett a NIN quilt, showed him the plans on our anniversary, decided to put a deadline of his birthday (july 12) on it.
7. Lauren & Charlie's Wedding Quilt- Must be done by July 12 at the latest.
8. Slik lined hand muffs for my sisters wedding in Dec
9. Reusable shopping bags- fabric bought around x-mas time with my Mardens Gift Card!!

10. my moms placemats- 5 more to go, gave her....1 for her birthday last August....

and i'm sure there are many more....yikes!!! For these projects i have all if not most of the fabric for them. And this list is MORE then enough to keep me busy for the month of April, and I'm sure there are more that i'm forgetting right now. So... Wish me luck!!!

Oh and I share a craft room with my mom, who is in the process of a quilt.....DRAMA! haha.

Peace & Love J-me

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Ashleigh said...

these also seem like lots o reasons to buy fabric! lol