Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hello everyone! It was sure been a while. I have been very busy with a secret project, but now that its done and been given away I can share it with you!

My boyfriend's sister Lauren, got married to the man of her dreams, Charlie, on July 16th. It was a fantastic wedding, and was a lot of fun!!

For their wedding gift I decided to make them a quilt. Lauren sent me a link to a quilt that she really liked, and then I took that pattern and went with it. The inspiration quilt was done by Cluck Cluck Sew, and it was actually for a wedding!

I switched the colors a bit. Laurens colors were like pale blue, pink and yellow, so I went with those colors, and kept the brown. I had bought the fabric a while back and thought it would be perfect for it. I went all out with the design on this one. I drew up a template on graph paper, and colored it in so no two blocks would be the same, then I drew out cutting templates for each color fabric, so that I wouldn't run out of fabric too.

I then cut and started to piece it all together! I thought I was going to finish it way before her wedding.....but boy was I wrong. When I went to bonaroo in June, i had all the blocks done, so when I got back I had to put them all together with the sashing.

For the back I used the sheet method. I went and bought a 5 dollar sheet, and used that as the backing. I think it was a great idea because the sheet is soft and then its all one piece not two or three.

For the stitching I wanted to try something new. I had read on Anna Maria Horner's blog about how she hand quilts. And I loved the idea of using chunkier thread, that way you could see it more. So that's what I went with, and it came out looking awesome on the front, and the back!

I had the quilt almost finished before I headed up to Maine the Thursday morning before the wedding. (her wedding was that Saturday)  So when I got there, i told her to close her eyes so i could lay out the unfinished quilt so that i wouldn't ruin the surprise when i took it out to continue working on it. I finished sewing the binding on the day of her wedding at about 9am. Put it in the washing machine and it came out just in time to be hung up outside for decoration for the wedding. It felt so nice to be done with it, and i really hope they like it and it lasts a lifetime of memories!!

Okay okay...enough talk time for pictures!

I put their initials in!!

Hanging up!

The back stiching

The pretty bride in the dress that her mom made her!

Garrett and I :)

their wedding date

Peace & Love! J-me

Monday, July 4, 2011


Just wanted to let everyone know that yes i am still alive! I have had a super busy month of June, and July is going to be busy too! I'm working on a quilt for Lauren's wedding, and i need to do the dress i plan to wear to it too!!

Ive been fixing my car to pass inspection (going in tomorrow) and My Mother and I joined a gym!

Happy fourth everyone! I'm going to go spend it with some wonderful people, out at the beach!

I'll be back sometime this week for a real update with pictures and such!

Peace & Love J-me