Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting Fit & Feeling good

I know that this is mostly a crafting bloggy, but I want to let the world haha all like 7 followers, that I am on the track to get fit and healthy!

Most of you know that i have always struggled with my weight. But I try and not let it bother me, but in reality it does hinder what I am willing to do. Garrett has tried to get me to go skiing sine god knows when, and I just tell him that I don't want to because its costly, and I don't have my own equipment, that is the truth but not the whole truth. To rent skis, you have to give your weight, which is a good thing so you get strong enough skis, but I know the people who work at Crotched Mountain, they are my peers, and I don't want them to know how much I weigh. I know people say it shouldn't matter,  but to me it does.

I am a very self conscious person, and have been for a while, I have gotten better over the years, for since the 7th grade, I have always worn a sweater when I'm out in public, I used to be one of those kids who wore a big t-shirt over my bathing suit when I went swimming. Until like senior year of high school, I was still wearing sweatshirts everyday. It would be sooooo hot out,, and I would still have a sweatshirt on, sleeves rolled up. I used to anticipate these days and make sure to only wear a tank top underneath, so I wouldn't be really hot, and there would be no way id take my sweater off.

I'm not that bad anymore, I'm fine with wearing just a t-shirt. But I want to WANT to only wear a t-shirt, or maybe even want to wear a skirt, a dress, shorts even.

With two weddings coming up this year: Garrett's sister's in July, and my sister's in December., I want to feel fine wearing a nice dress, (considering I'm the maid of honor in my sister's) I even want to try and make one for Garrett's sisters. (see crafty post!! haha)

So in order to do so, I have signed up for weight watchers online, and have been doing that for about 3.5 weeks, and have lost 7 pounds. ( so says the scale, but it doesn't look like it) I feel better, because I'm making better choices and eating right. And it works. I have been doing it with out the Activity portion, and I have  just started that today.

I found a program called Couch potato to 5k. I have been wanting to run the Hancock 5k since i knew about it, and since i saw Garrett do it. I feel like it would be a great accomplishment! I can run, i have the will to run, i just don't have the stamina, so what this program does is help build up that.

So wish me luck, I will post something every so often about my progress if you guys want to hear about it. So leave me a comment telling me if this is TMI or if you want me to keep you updated!

Thanks for all your support, and here are some images of inspiration!

(Davids bridal dress)

McCall's pattern M5619
Peace & Love J-me

Friday, February 25, 2011

Chase's Baby Blankie!

Hello everyone!

I know that most of you have been waiting to see how this blanket was going to turn out. Since we had the baby shower back in November, and a lot of you signed the blocks. Well guess what it is finished!! and just in time for Chase's first day home!!

The original plan for the blanket was found here its called the life cycles quilt.
I followed this pattern for the front, and used the Urban circus line that I had been dying to buy but had no reason to do so.

When the baby shower came along, I had everyone get there a little early, and had them sign the blocks using a permanent fabric marker.

(some blocks made by friends!)

Thank goodness we all finished before Tonia arrived.

I then took them home,and continued to have people sign the blocks. As Tonia's due date was getting closer I decided it might be a good idea to get cracking on sewing the blanket together. It took me a while to lay it out how i wanted to, and then when i started sewing my machine was having a tension issue, so Garrett and I took it apart cleaned it real good and messed with the tension until it was right.

(The front all finished)

When it came to the back of the blanket I didn't have enough yardage left to do it solely in the urban circus print. And I had some unused blocks left over.

(The back all finished)

I decided to put some blocks on the back, so that way i could write his birthday, and weight and everything on the back, some nice milestones as well. There is room for her to write his first words, or when he first walks, or crawls. What ever she would like to go on there she can fit on there.

( The back blocks)

I also added some fabric that she had told me she really liked, when we were out fabric shopping, so that's how the back came to be.

I hope that Tonia will let him use the blanket, but I also put some loops on the back so that she can hang it on the wall and it can be a decoration for the nursery.

I love it, and I hope Chase does too!!

(Tonia and Chase enjoying the warmth!)

(Favorite winnie the pooh quote)

(Auntie J-me, and Uncle Garrett's blocks)

Another small thing that I decided to make her is a Mobile. It is made out of Yo-yos, from left over fabric from the blankie, and other prints. The hoop on top is a blue embroidery hoop. One of my friends posted a picture of her nursery on facebook, and I saw this great idea so I decided to make one for Tonia too!

I will be adding this to sew-n-tell over on Amy's blog, so make sure to go and check out all the other finishes!!

Peace & Love Jme

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 17th 2011 :) Welcome nephew!

Hey everyone! As most of my readers know, my best friend was expecting a baby boy. (click here for her story!) She was one week past her due date. She went in for a check up and, I get a call text, a little later that night and find out that she is in the hospital and will be put on pitosin the next morning. So later, I went home and tried falling asleep so when she call texts me in the morning I would be all ready to zoom on over to the hospital, which is only 15 minutes away!

I got a text, in the morning around 7:30ish, letting me know that they put her on the pitosin, so i took a shower and picked up her mom on the way over. I was sooo excited that we would be meeting her beautiful baby boy Chase, and that she wanted me to be there when it happened. I got to the hospital around 8:30ish, and didn't leave her until around 4am the next morning.

I was a little worried when she was in a lot of pain, I didn't like to see her in so much pain, but I needed to be strong for her, that last thing she needed was a bunch of people crying. She finally got the epidural, and could sleep. The epidural did some funny things to her mood, and at one point she didn't say that she wanted me to be in the room when it came time to start pushing and I got sad... but no worries when she was more clear headed, and ready for it to happen I was there for her.

It was a very interesting experience and I was so happy that she wanted me there, and that I could help encourage her to push! after 2 1/2 hours of pushing, the epidural was running out  and she was having extreme back labor. She couldn't take it anymore. She opted for the C-section, and at 2:38 Chase was born!! I got to go see him and take pictures for her while he was getting weighed in, and getting his first bath, and getting dressed for the first time. I know that she wanted those pictures so i did it for her. Before i left for the night, I got to hold my nephew, and cuddle him, but I had to remember I had work in the morning and needed to go home and rest.

After the c-section

holding my first nephew!!

Garrett holding his first nephew, the day after he was born.

Tonia did a wonderful job, and has a beautiful baby boy. I'm proud to be his Auntie!

Peace & Love

Check back later for his completed quilt!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day fun: Ceramic Coasters, Bagels, bread, and quilting!

Hey Everyone!

For those of you who don't know I live in New Hampshire. A great state. But gets a lot of snow. We just had a snow storm, that started lightly on Tuesday, and Hit pretty hard today (Wednesday). I work at a bank, part time, and Tuesday was my short 2 hour day to cover lunches. Well I was getting ready for work, when I got a call, My co-worker told me that it was really slow, and they were staying in for lunches, and the other part-timer decided to stay a little later then normal, so I got to choose if i wanted to come in. I decided not to, i could get things done and not have to fight with the driveway and the roads on the way to work. And I also had Wednesday off, because i get a day off, (besides Sunday) and it happened to fall on Wednesday this week!

So what did I do with all my free time? Lots of things!!

I made home made Bagels (both days):

Home made bread (Tuesday):

Sandwitched the Baby Quilt for Tonia's baby who is due in a week!! yikes, I have been doing a lot of hand sewing as well!

Made some Ceramic Coasters with some fun scrapbook paper!

Hung out with my mom and watched movies. Stayed up late to watch movies. oh and there was some shoveling, and cleaning and moving of my car thrown in there too!

oh and did I mention eating the bagels?!!?


Its been a productive 2 days, but i'm ready to go back to work, i'm geting cabin fever!!

Peave & Love