Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting Fit & Feeling good

I know that this is mostly a crafting bloggy, but I want to let the world haha all like 7 followers, that I am on the track to get fit and healthy!

Most of you know that i have always struggled with my weight. But I try and not let it bother me, but in reality it does hinder what I am willing to do. Garrett has tried to get me to go skiing sine god knows when, and I just tell him that I don't want to because its costly, and I don't have my own equipment, that is the truth but not the whole truth. To rent skis, you have to give your weight, which is a good thing so you get strong enough skis, but I know the people who work at Crotched Mountain, they are my peers, and I don't want them to know how much I weigh. I know people say it shouldn't matter,  but to me it does.

I am a very self conscious person, and have been for a while, I have gotten better over the years, for since the 7th grade, I have always worn a sweater when I'm out in public, I used to be one of those kids who wore a big t-shirt over my bathing suit when I went swimming. Until like senior year of high school, I was still wearing sweatshirts everyday. It would be sooooo hot out,, and I would still have a sweatshirt on, sleeves rolled up. I used to anticipate these days and make sure to only wear a tank top underneath, so I wouldn't be really hot, and there would be no way id take my sweater off.

I'm not that bad anymore, I'm fine with wearing just a t-shirt. But I want to WANT to only wear a t-shirt, or maybe even want to wear a skirt, a dress, shorts even.

With two weddings coming up this year: Garrett's sister's in July, and my sister's in December., I want to feel fine wearing a nice dress, (considering I'm the maid of honor in my sister's) I even want to try and make one for Garrett's sisters. (see crafty post!! haha)

So in order to do so, I have signed up for weight watchers online, and have been doing that for about 3.5 weeks, and have lost 7 pounds. ( so says the scale, but it doesn't look like it) I feel better, because I'm making better choices and eating right. And it works. I have been doing it with out the Activity portion, and I have  just started that today.

I found a program called Couch potato to 5k. I have been wanting to run the Hancock 5k since i knew about it, and since i saw Garrett do it. I feel like it would be a great accomplishment! I can run, i have the will to run, i just don't have the stamina, so what this program does is help build up that.

So wish me luck, I will post something every so often about my progress if you guys want to hear about it. So leave me a comment telling me if this is TMI or if you want me to keep you updated!

Thanks for all your support, and here are some images of inspiration!

(Davids bridal dress)

McCall's pattern M5619
Peace & Love J-me

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Lauren said...

Good job Jaimie. Keep up the good work. Exercise is a very good way to shed pounds.