Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Camera!!

Hey Guys!!

So I bought myself a new camera for my own Christmas present! Well actually I have been saving for a while now, and I decided Black Friday would be a good time to purchase one! I have been torn between Nikon and Canon. I talked to a family friend who is a photographer. She uses Nikon but she told me when she buys a new one she was going to go Canon because she feels that they have better sensors, and the image and color quality is better. Then I have a good friend who uses Nikon, and she is a great photographer as well! She loves Nikon and i loved using hers!
The decided factor was price. The Canon had better deals, and I liked the way it felt in my hand. I got the camera kit (Canon Rebel T3) with lens for 100 dollars off normal price, and plus I got a free case, 8GB memory card, and UV filter!

So that's what I went with and I went and picked it up, and I love it! I have yet to read the manual, but i have been playing around with it and I am happy with what I have been seeing.

Here are a few of my pictures I have taken!! Enjoy!

 My Troll Beads :)

 Working on Christmas Ornaments

 Love the dew drops in this one!

 My sister's cat yawning

Playing around at work, hey its my business card!

Liking the lights in the background!

 Can you tell I like to Blur Backgrounds?

Our pens at work.

I hope you enjoyed them!!

Peace & Love J-me

Friday, November 11, 2011

Brooklyn's Quilt FINISHED!

Hey Everyone!! Remember the quilt I have been working on for my cousin's baby? Well her name is Brooklyn Tanner, she lives down in Texas where it is warmer then here in New Hampshire (where her parents are from originally) So I used a thin cotton batting so she could still use it in the Texas heat, or what they would call cool nights down there. Ha!

They have been waiting on this for a while and I feel sorta bad, but I'm glad I took my time quilting it! Her colors are purple and yellow, so I used scraps and made a pinwheel design!

I wasn't going to put her name on it, but then I decided I would so if anyone tried to steal it they couldn't because it will have her name on it! So because i decided to do this after I had to applique a purple square onto the back of the quilt so her name would show up because the pattern on the back is so fun that you wouldn't be able to see it if i just did it on there!

Now for the pictures!!

Yes it snowed in NH in October!! This is probably going to be the first and maybe last time this Blanket will ever see snow!! haha.


A close up of the Quilting. (Lauren gave me this idea on this quilt that she did)

the back!

My JOB(by JOB I mean my Initials! haha) is on there can you see it? It's a little hard to see

The quilting on the back, kind of hard to see

Me trying to be artistic with a Kodak point and shoot haha! can't wait to get a better camera!


The name square.

All packaged up and ready to go in the Mail tomorrow :)

I hope they like it and it gets there fast!!

Peace & Love J-me

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween and a finished Quilt

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

I made my costume this year to wear at the bank and to hand out candy (we don't get many trick-or-treaters).

So I went as Flo from the Progressive commercials!

Complete with Blue Shoes

Made the "pins" myself haha

I bought a Bump it for my hair, and wore one of my dad's white collard shirts!

What do you think?

As for the Quilt, I finished Kim and Andrew's wedding quilt and sent it off a few weeks ago! I sent it with a sappy letter and she told me that when she opened it she started crying! aww. I'm so glad she liked it! Here are a few pictures of it all done!

A close up of the stitching

the embroidery work I did on it :)

Soon to come pictures of the completed quilt for Brooklyn!!

Peace & Love

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kim & Andrew's Wedding Quilt

Hey Everyone! So tomorrow I am heading up north and going to a wedding! My friend Kim from college, is getting married to the sweetest guy Andrew.

I had asked her if she would like me to make her something for her wedding, and I gave her the option of a something to hang on the wall or put on the table.

But then I decided to make them a throw quilt instead. Something they can cuddle under together, and cherish forever! (I hope)

She told me that they like different shades of black and grays. I thought this would make an awesome quilt! I found one I liked in a book, but after I cut out the pieces I decided to change it completely and go a different route. This is the first quilt I ever made with out any actual pattern!

And even when I got the blocks sewn together I changed the design yet again! I sat with my mom on the floor and rearranged the blocks a lot of different ways until we both decided on the one we liked the most.

Another first for me is that this is the fastest quilt i have ever done too. I think its because of the deadline.I figured if I didn't start it this week there is no way it would of been done in a reasonable time frame, they might of got it on their one year anniversary! haha.

So Its put together I'm working on hand quilting it now, and I'm sure I will send it out next week! But for now I put up this post so they could at least see what they are getting! So the gift for their wedding day is the picture!

I really hope they like it!!

Peace & Love J-me

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sew n' Tell Friday - Brooklyn's Quilt

Hey Everyone! Remember Sew n' Tell over on Amylouwho's blog? Well it is back! Which makes me happy because it gives me more motivation to get things done every week!

So here's whats been going on. My cousin Chris, and his wife to be Stephanie recently had a baby girl named Brooklyn! She is the cutest! They live in Texas, and they had a baby shower and I was hoping to have the quilt done by then but you know how the story goes....

So I have been feverishly working on it and I have 12 more blocks to go before i can sew the top together and get the quilting going! But I wanted to share the progress so far so that Mommy and Daddy can get a sneak peek, and know that I am not lying when I say I am working on it. So with that said I hope you guys like it!

close up of some finished blocks

this is the size that it will be

Some of my favorite blocks!

I hope you like it!!! Go check out the other Friday finishes over on Amy's Blog!!

Peace & Love J-me

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tuesday Night, Craft Night

Hey Everyone!

I was super busy with Craft fair preparations! I got a lot sewn, and ended up not selling a lot of my new stuff! So I still have a lot up for grabs so check out my Facebook page (link over on right hand side)  and check back here for things that are up for sale! I hope to have pictures posted soon of what I have left. To give you an idea, I have about 5 different coupon organizers, and 3 reusable foldble shopping totes, and some awesome coasters!

Okay now onto the actual subject at hand here.

So my friend Miranda and I used to hang out every Tuesday to watch a show together. Now that that show is over for a few months we still wished to hang out but wanted to find something to do with that time! Well we decided to do a craft night! And last Tuesday was our first one!

I came to her with the idea of a yarn wreath. I sent her a link to one with instructions and she didn't seem to interested in it. Now she has a sore spot for Owls, so I found one with an Owl and sent her the link and then I had her!

We went out the Tuesday before for some shopping, picked up our wreaths and some silly embellishments. We also went to the Olive Garden for dinner! There we treated ourselves to some drinks, and she got the Sangria. We both fell in love!

So come Tuesday craft night, we invited two other great friends, Miranda made a pitcher of Delicious Sangria, and Chocolate lava cake(made in the crock pot) and I some cinnamon knots.

We sat around on the floor and made our wreaths. There were lots of fun laughs and some teasing, and lots of screaming "ouch!" because we all burned our fingers on the hot glue!

I have a few pictures of my finished product, I hope you all like it!

Silly picture right after I finished it!

(don't mind the ugly door!)

Close up of the sides!

So these were really fun to make and it lets your imagination soar with all the different possibilities for them!!

I hope you like it!!

until next time..

Peace & Love J-me

p.s. don't be surprised if you get one from me for Christmas! ;-)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coupon Organizers!!

Hey Everyone!

As some of you may already know I have started making Coupon Organizers! The coupon bug has hit everyone...well mostly everyone, and what better way to coupon then with an adorable coupon organizer?!

I was browsing the awesome world of Etsy when I came across this pattern! I just had to have it! I bought it, and I have been making them like crazy!!! Because the wonderful women who came up with the pattern sells hers online she asked those who bought her pattern not to sell them online.

So how can you get one of these awesome organizers? Come to the local craft fairs this fall and winter!! The next one is Antrim's Home and Harvest Day, September 17th! I hope to have a variety of organizers for you to choose from! If you can't make it there and still would like to get your extreme coupon on, please feel free to contact me on my Facebook Page, or my e-mail Address: Madebyjme@yahoo.com

I look forward to your comments!! Spread the word!!

Peace & Love Jme

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hey Guys!

Its been a whole yet again! I've been super busy the last 2 weeks but what else is knew right? Garrett's getting ready to go back to school for his last year....as an undergrad.... grad school next? Who knows with him. So hes leaving soon to live on campus so I'm trying to soak up as much time with him as I can. The reason I'm blogging now is because he is up in Maine visiting his mom. :-)
I wish I could of gone with him, but Garrett likes to plan things last minute, or not tell me about these plans...maybe because he doesn't want me to go, or just thinks i can read his mind...but none the less I have to work, and wasn't given enough notice to try and take a day off.

well enough venting, I came to blog for a reason!

I need to make a list. A list that I and you can hold me accountable for! I need to get stuff done!  Here is my list of things to get done, in no particular order, just in order as i remember them.

1. My cousin Christopher, and his Girlfriend Stephanie's quilt for their baby girl Brooklyn due soon!
2. Garrett's "Anniversary" Quilt, which I was hoping to have done for his Birthday (July 12)
3. the Patchwork squared quilt, which the top is basically done for
4. My mom's Place mats
5. Craft Fair items- Coupon organizers, tile coasters, crayon rolls, Reusable shopping totes(?)
6. Stuff for my sister's wedding and shower: cutting 100 fabric squares, and making hand muffs, and a ring bearer pillow
7. misc WOP's; hexagon quilt, strip quilt, dress (meant for Lauren's wedding), there is probably more i can't think off
8. read a book,
9. relax
10. Spend some time with friends
11. Spend quality time with Garrett
12. Do more blog posts!

So I have lots to do!
Wish Me luck

And here i leave you with a picture because it's a pretty wordy post otherwise!

(may 2010)

Peace & Love Jme

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hello everyone! It was sure been a while. I have been very busy with a secret project, but now that its done and been given away I can share it with you!

My boyfriend's sister Lauren, got married to the man of her dreams, Charlie, on July 16th. It was a fantastic wedding, and was a lot of fun!!

For their wedding gift I decided to make them a quilt. Lauren sent me a link to a quilt that she really liked, and then I took that pattern and went with it. The inspiration quilt was done by Cluck Cluck Sew, and it was actually for a wedding!

I switched the colors a bit. Laurens colors were like pale blue, pink and yellow, so I went with those colors, and kept the brown. I had bought the fabric a while back and thought it would be perfect for it. I went all out with the design on this one. I drew up a template on graph paper, and colored it in so no two blocks would be the same, then I drew out cutting templates for each color fabric, so that I wouldn't run out of fabric too.

I then cut and started to piece it all together! I thought I was going to finish it way before her wedding.....but boy was I wrong. When I went to bonaroo in June, i had all the blocks done, so when I got back I had to put them all together with the sashing.

For the back I used the sheet method. I went and bought a 5 dollar sheet, and used that as the backing. I think it was a great idea because the sheet is soft and then its all one piece not two or three.

For the stitching I wanted to try something new. I had read on Anna Maria Horner's blog about how she hand quilts. And I loved the idea of using chunkier thread, that way you could see it more. So that's what I went with, and it came out looking awesome on the front, and the back!

I had the quilt almost finished before I headed up to Maine the Thursday morning before the wedding. (her wedding was that Saturday)  So when I got there, i told her to close her eyes so i could lay out the unfinished quilt so that i wouldn't ruin the surprise when i took it out to continue working on it. I finished sewing the binding on the day of her wedding at about 9am. Put it in the washing machine and it came out just in time to be hung up outside for decoration for the wedding. It felt so nice to be done with it, and i really hope they like it and it lasts a lifetime of memories!!

Okay okay...enough talk time for pictures!

I put their initials in!!

Hanging up!

The back stiching

The pretty bride in the dress that her mom made her!

Garrett and I :)

their wedding date

Peace & Love! J-me

Monday, July 4, 2011


Just wanted to let everyone know that yes i am still alive! I have had a super busy month of June, and July is going to be busy too! I'm working on a quilt for Lauren's wedding, and i need to do the dress i plan to wear to it too!!

Ive been fixing my car to pass inspection (going in tomorrow) and My Mother and I joined a gym!

Happy fourth everyone! I'm going to go spend it with some wonderful people, out at the beach!

I'll be back sometime this week for a real update with pictures and such!

Peace & Love J-me

Friday, May 27, 2011

May Giveaway Day - Winner!!

Hey everyone!!

Thank you to all who came by and posted a comment to win this strange group of giveaway items! I had 34 awesome comments, and I think that is pretty awesome for my first time entering the challenge!! It think next year I will make something specifically for giveaway day!

okay so on to the winner!!

Lucky Number 29!! That's: KRISTIN ORTH  a new visitor to my blog!! Kristin said:

Well Kristin I hope your kids have fun fighting over them!! I will be sending an e-mail your way to get your address!!


And again thank you to everyone who entered and came by to visit!! I hope you come back!

Peace &  Love Jme

Monday, May 23, 2011

May Giveaway Day!!!

Hey Everyone!!

The day is finally here!! Time for May giveaway day over at Sew Mama Sew!!

To all those that are new- welcome!!
To all those who have been here before - welcome back!

I have been very busy updating my shop on etsy. I have stocked up some new items, and there are more to come! I still have to post up my recycled key board earrings, as well as some Capri sun pouches, and magazine wallets!

I make a variety of things over here at Made by Jme. I make toys, purses/bags, wallets, earrings, bracelets, key fobs, tissue holders, and I like to sew quilts too!

Today for giveaway day I am going to offer you fine folks, a Hodge podge of items!!

I have for you:
- a Capri sun coin purse
- a honest kids pencil pouch
- A Kors flip flop magazine Wallet
- a quilted Christmas ornament
- a green headband!

Thats a $20 value free!!

Make sure to check out my Etsy Shop for other great items like -
- crayon roll ups
- crinkle baby toys
- juice carton coin purses
- pocket tissue holders
- Capri sun lunch bags

and coming soon-
- buttercup bags
- keyboard earrings
- soda tab bracelets
- magazine wallets
- quilted Christmas ornaments
- other purses

Thanks for checking out my blog make sure to follow the giveaway rules below! and if your not already, become a follower via blogspot or facebook

The rules are:
1 entry per person!
be sure to leave your e-mail in your comment!
I will pick a random person using Random.org
The giveaway closes on the 25th at midnight, and the winner will be picked the following morning!

I will ship the items to you on the 31st, because the 30th is a holiday!

happy entering!
Peace & Love Jme