Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Recycled Crafts!

So I was searching recycled crafts on the interent and i saw this. I thought it was really cool. And having som sweet connections...(Garrett my boyfriend who works at the dump...recycling center) i found myself an old lap top whose keys were begging to get taken and made into fab jewlery. So here are a few that I have made. I only made a coupple because I really need to get working on some projects that are due like...yesterday! So here they are:

Just the Up and down Keys

got a little more creative and this one is <3, like the heart!

I have  more ideas, like LMAO, or WTF? or FML! so we will see!! I'm thinking of selling these and putting them up on an etsy shop, what do you guys think?

So the semester is winding down...my last semester ever...as an undergrad...possible ever though...and its spring time, and the flowers are out and the air is warm, and i have to be stuck in the library or my room doing homework...ugh! I hate the end of the semester but i can't wait for summer! Here are some spring pictures:


Well i'm off to take a nap...although i should work on my infinite list of things to do, but i recently got a tooth pulled and i have been so tired, and i think its my body telling me to rest and get healed! Well i will stick with that theory!
Happy Spring!!

Peace &  Love J-me