Friday, January 29, 2010


So I'm heading back to school this sunday, and i was looking over my list of things that i wanted to accomplish this long 8 week winter break. And well the quilt was out, there was no way i was finishing that, i havnt even finished sewing all the bloks! yikes. I sort of wished it was done tho so i would have a blanket for my bed at school..oh well i will think of something.

Anyways...the other sewing project i wanted to do was to make myself a Phoebe Bag. I saw it during christmas and sew mama sew's hanmade holidays. So yesterday i went and picked up the last few things i needed (some fusable interfacing) and went to town on the bag. When i got to the darts i was confused, I have never done darts before, and it didn't really tell me how exactly to do them. So i looked it up online, and i think it came out great!
I added an outside zipper pocket for wasy access to keys or lip gloss or what ever i need some easy access to.
And then i added a zipper pocket on the insde as well, and a patch pocket. The only problem was when i was pieceing it together, and i didnt notice untill i finished sewing that the zippers are on the same side of the bag, WOOPS! and i didn't want to rip it apart, so i said whatever, it will jsut be a little bulky there.
I really like it! I got the fabric at Mardens, with Lauren  in Maine. and i'm glad i finally used it! And i just love the flab closure!

well i hope you like it! make sure to check out other finshes over at Amy's Blog.

Peace & Love J-me

Thursday, January 28, 2010

And the winner is.....

The winner of my giveaway is lucky commenter number 8!  who would be Erika over at pinksuedeshoe! Its pretty exciting, because her birthday is in a few weeks! So its a great gift! and im going to add something a little extra to it and i hope she will like it! But i'm not going to say what it is so i dont ruin the surprise! Thanks for everyone for entering and becoming followers! I hope you will keep up checking out my blog! tomorrow is sew n tell friday so i will have a new finish up! I hope to do another giveaway soon!

till then Congrats Erika i hope you love it!

peace & Love J-me

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Mmm so today...well tonight I made some mint brownies with peppermint patties in it and the are to die for! i saw it on a blog when i was wandering around, i don't remember which one, but here is the link to the recipie, of course on Martha! haha

Don't they look good?

Don't forget to check out my giveawaycloses tomorrow night at midnight! so get in your comments!

Peace & Love J-me

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sew-n-tell Friday & A Giveaway!

Hey everyone, so if you read my post the other day I told you that I was going to be doing a giveaway!. Well first let me get to my sew-n-tell finish, which is not what I have made to giveaway.

So I got the book one yard wonders for christmas, well I actually got two of them, and i kept both, and well its a long story so anyways. I had a plan to do one of these projects before I go back to school in Plymouth for my last semester as an Undergrad math student. meaning in a mere 4 months i will have a BS in Mathematics, with a 5-8 teacher cert. option!

Anyways so I really liked the Planner sleve tutorial., and realized it didn't need one yard, only a fat quarter. So I chose do to that one. It was pretty fun and easy, the only part i had trouble with was the bias tape. I have yet to master how to put that on. So on to the pictures:

 This is the front with it closed, its something new for me not using bright colors!

This is the back view:

And this is the view of it open:

I'm not sure what to put into yet because I don't have a planner, Any ideas?

And on to the giveaway!!!!!

Here is what I am going to giveaway:

Its an idea I found here, very clever. Its a little mason jar that i turned into a cute little sewing kit with a pin cushion on the top. Here is a view of everthing on the inside:

It comes with; little sissors, a measureing tape, needles, needle threader, a few buttons, some thread, a few saftey pins, and I'm sure there are some things that are in there that I am forgetting, And i might put in a few extra buttons from my collection, or a headband, it will be a surprise!

So do you want to win it? here is how:

1. Leave a commnet on this post and you will be entered to win
2. You will get an extra entry if you are a follower of my blog so follow me, and put a comment that says you are now a follower.
3. the winner will be picked late on Wednesday the 27 via the random number generator. Then i will contact you to get your mailing address
Make sure you leave your e-mail address so I have a way of contacting you if you win!
Good Luck!!!

And tell me what you would use it for , or who'd you give it to, just for some fun.

Make sure you check out Amy's blog for other friday finishes!

Peace & Love J-me

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yes you read it right. I am doing a give-a-way! :) This Friday when I post my sew-n-tell item, you will have a chance to enter my giveaway! Its this cute idea and I hope people will try to enter! What you will have to do, is Post a comment, and tell me what your plans will be for the item i have made to giveaway, and then if you are a follower either on facebook or my blog you will get an extra entry! I'm hoping that this will boost up my followers, and get my name out there more, hence I'm going to do it on Friday when wonderful people from around the blogisphere will be checking out my Friday finish. So get excited, and remember Friday to check back on my blog!

here's a sneak peek:

hmm....what could it be??

check back friday!

Peace & Love J-me

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sew-n-tell Fridays!

Hi everyone! So it has been a while since a posted, and now with sew-n-tell back I feel the need to be getting something done every week. I have been working sort-a hard on getting my quilt squares done, and found i need more freezer paper then i thought, i guess I'm not so good with 1/4 inch seams. Always that's not what I am sharing today. I recently became a follower of The blog Two Peas in a Pod, and i either came across it by sew-mama-sew give away day, or where women create. But anyways i really like the things that she makes, and she put up this how-to. Its like a sew along where she will put up a new project every month and then we make it, and share the pictures. This month was a cute little patchwork wristlet! And i got around to making it, by taking a break off from my quilting. and here is how it came out:

Front View:

Back view:
Inside view:

It was a really great project. And the button i found in my stash of buttons my old next door neighbor gave me! its Beautiful!

I have some other finishes but i can't show them now, they are for someones birthday! ;)

Make sure to check out everyone's finishes over at Amy's Blog!

Peace & Love J-me

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Layout, and some misc.

So I changed the Layout of my blog. I put in a new title, thanks to Lauren, She helped me by directing me to the site to make it! I set up my own fabric photo shoot also to make it happen. I hope you like it!
I also decided to change the template I was using. I feel like the Green better suits me because well my favorite color is green! So I hope you like it!

I also got some good news, I got an A- on my student teaching! Yay it has been accomplished, Hello best semester of my life spring 2010! I hope that it is amazing!

Yesterday Garrett and I made a list of what we want to accomplish the rest of our winter break before we go back to school. And its a pretty big list! Some things that I need to get done and just myself are:

1. Start and finish my quilt!
2. Make a Phoebe Bag
3. Organize my attic ( i have a lot of random things in there)
4. Do a One Yard Wonder project ( i received 2 of these books for Christmas!)
5. Go back and visit my 6th and 7th graders!

plus there are other things that Garrett and I want to get accomplished together, but that's a lot to do in just a mere 4 weeks. I better get started! especially on that quilt! I want it to be done so i can use it at school
I wanted to share a couple things i made for my friends and family for Christmas, I don't have a lot of it photographed, but i will get on that and add up some more pictures. But here are the few i do have:

This is an Apron i made for my Nana, i also made one for my aunt, in a cow like fabric!

Above I made some earrings for Lauren with her favorite fabric line

Below, is some paper mache party lights i made using this Tutorial, and i put them up in Garrett's room, but i will be taking them to Plymouth with me in Feb. I think.

And then Here is a picture of some gifts i got. One yard wonders, and a sewing calender (which i got Lauren) where for every 4 days there is a new sewing project to do. And some are from blogs that i read!

Well that's all for know, I'm going to go try and get some blocks sewn together before i have to head to work!

Peace & Love J-me