Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Layout, and some misc.

So I changed the Layout of my blog. I put in a new title, thanks to Lauren, She helped me by directing me to the site to make it! I set up my own fabric photo shoot also to make it happen. I hope you like it!
I also decided to change the template I was using. I feel like the Green better suits me because well my favorite color is green! So I hope you like it!

I also got some good news, I got an A- on my student teaching! Yay it has been accomplished, Hello best semester of my life spring 2010! I hope that it is amazing!

Yesterday Garrett and I made a list of what we want to accomplish the rest of our winter break before we go back to school. And its a pretty big list! Some things that I need to get done and just myself are:

1. Start and finish my quilt!
2. Make a Phoebe Bag
3. Organize my attic ( i have a lot of random things in there)
4. Do a One Yard Wonder project ( i received 2 of these books for Christmas!)
5. Go back and visit my 6th and 7th graders!

plus there are other things that Garrett and I want to get accomplished together, but that's a lot to do in just a mere 4 weeks. I better get started! especially on that quilt! I want it to be done so i can use it at school
I wanted to share a couple things i made for my friends and family for Christmas, I don't have a lot of it photographed, but i will get on that and add up some more pictures. But here are the few i do have:

This is an Apron i made for my Nana, i also made one for my aunt, in a cow like fabric!

Above I made some earrings for Lauren with her favorite fabric line

Below, is some paper mache party lights i made using this Tutorial, and i put them up in Garrett's room, but i will be taking them to Plymouth with me in Feb. I think.

And then Here is a picture of some gifts i got. One yard wonders, and a sewing calender (which i got Lauren) where for every 4 days there is a new sewing project to do. And some are from blogs that i read!

Well that's all for know, I'm going to go try and get some blocks sewn together before i have to head to work!

Peace & Love J-me

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