Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hey everyone it has been quite a while since I have posted. And to those of you who actually read I am very sorry. I know there is really no excuse for my absence, but here is the one that I have come up with. I got my new camera and was really excited about it and spent most of my time playing around with that. Also my sister got married on Dec. 17th, and I was her maid of honor so I was very busy with that. I also was trying to make a bunch of things for Christmas presents this year, but I had no time I could only make a few small things so I then had to buy the rest. The big project that took up a lot of time was/is my Nana’s quilt for her bed. My Mom and I have been working on it and had the top pieced just in time to wrap it up for Christmas. We hope to have it all quilted by the end of January, but by the looks of things I don’t know if that is going to happen. It’s a 1930’s inspired quilt via the fabrics, and we really wanted to tie it, but my mom (made the mistake of) asking her if she wanted it tied or hand quilted and she said hand quilted. So now we need to get hand quilting! Here is a picture:

My nana opening the top :)

So anyways there was that then Garrett and I went up to Maine to visit his Mom which was REALLY fun, and on Monday January 9th we celebrated our 10 year anniversary J

But what I want to focus on in this post is New Years. It is 2012, a new year a new me…I hope. So far this New Year in the 7 days that there has been I have had some sort of physical activity each day. In Maine I was playing the Xbox Kinect, and then when I got home I have been going for a mile walk each morning. Even Garrett went with me for one J I’m going to try and go to some more Zumba classes, and hopefully get back into running. Baby step… The stress this holiday season just ruined my diet. So I’m getting back on track with that.

Garrett and His mom Playing the Kinect

I’m hoping for there to be a lot of new and exciting opportunities for me this year. I’m going back to school, just to the local Technical institute (NHTI) to go and get my Basic Accounting Certificate, which if I enjoy the accounting I plan to go and get my masters in it. For those of you who may not know I went to school to be a middle school math teacher and I am currently working at a bank because there hasn’t been any job opportunities in that field. So I picked accounting because the accounting field is growing and is said to continue to grow until 2014. So this year my plan is to get my certificate and find a job in the accounting field. Maybe even an internship for the summer.

Here are something’s that I would like to get done this year, in life and in my blogging J

-Garrett’s NIN quilt (which was supposed to be a gift for our 9 or maybe 8 year anniversary) finished by his birthday this year!
-Finish the top (at least) for a strip quilt I have had cut for over a year.
-Finish the top for the Hexagon Quilt I have started over a year ago.
-Finish the Patchwork squared quilt I did last year, I have made the top but I haven’t sandwiched or quilted it yet because I think I want to make it bigger.
-Make products for craft fairs
-Try to keep my Etsy shop updated. Which it has nothing on it now.
-Post at least once every two weeks
-Get better with my photography
-Buy a sewing machine all for my self which I won’t have to share with my mom, not that I don’t mind sharing  (if it is alowed in my budget....maybe even if it is not)
-Learn some new quilting techniques

I think that’s a pretty good list for now. I’m sure some of these things will not happen but I am going to keep referring to this list and try to stay on task!!!

Here is a picture I took at Garrett's Mom's House

Thanks for reading J

Peace & Love J-me