Friday, October 30, 2009

Sew and Tell Friday!

I was going to make Amy Butler's fabric necklace free pattern found on her website, and I started to do so, but i got to step 2 and i was confused! So I e-mailed Lauren to ask her about it because i got lost, and I'm going to wait to here back from her. So instead I made these:
Its not really sew-n-tell, its more staple-n-tell. I had my wonderful boyfriend cut out 4 squares from wood and put a wall hanging thinggy on the back a few weeks ago, and i didn't get around to doing what i wanted to do with them until now! So good for me not getting the pattern!

This is where i hung them in my room, above my sewing machine from the 20's.

Now i just need to change the color of my walls i painted back in high school!

I hope you like!

Hop over to Amy's Blog, and check out everything else people completed this week!
Peace & Love J-me

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taking on the Full Load Tomorrow Yikes!

Hey Everyone! I hope your weekends were awesome! Mine was pretty cool. I got to see Lauren and Charlie which is always a pleasure. Lauren and I talked more about Homemade Christmas! which is approaching faster then you know! I went to a Halloween party and got to wear my costume and Garrett got to show his off too which I have been working on for a long time.

Here is me in mine:

I went as Kelly from the Disney Show Handy Manny, here is a picture of her:

And Garrett, sadly didn't go as Manny, but instead he went as ROD from Hot Rod:

I'm still not finished but once it is finished i will post another picture. It does look pretty awesome though!

So this week starting Monday, I will be taking on the Full load of classes at SMS, that means 4 Math classes, Advisory, Lunch and blk 9. OMG pray for me. The kids have been pretty good, in math class but in block 9 they get really rowdy. I am also taking over Ms. Cox's bigger 7th grade math class which i am a little nervous about but i will live through it. The weeks are going by faster which is good because i will only be teaching until the week before thanksgiving. We have Veterans day off which i will take to go see Garrett at UNH finally and then we have the full week of Thanksgiving off! yay! then i give it back and get to just help out for 2 weeks until i go back to Plymouth and finish up.

Typing it out it doesn't sound too bad, but my midterm is due at the end of this week, my professor is coming out to see me Wednesday, and i have to get started on the student teacher work sample 10 pager i have to do. AHHH so i am freaking out a little.

Welll i better get well rested for tomorrow! Wish me luck!!

Peace & Love J-me

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sew-n-tell friday...really late

Sew (hehe).... today is Friday still it is 11:18pm and i was reminded about sew-n-tell. I finished something yesterday for my Halloween costume! It's an apron, it is called construction distraction. I found it when I ventured into Peggy Anne's quilting store in Concord last weekend. I have been thinking about buying the pattern for a while when I saw it on her website here. I had decided that i was going to be Kelly from the Disney show Handy Manny. Yes i am 21 years old and my boyfriend and I love the show Handy Manny. Today i went and finished buying the stuff for my costume! So here is a picture of the apron I made:

I tied it around a lamp shade haha. So all the fabric is Amy Butler. the lining is a home dec weight fabric, and the pockets, and ties are just a regular cotton fabric. It is totally awesome and i really like how it came out. I could of chosen to do scallops on the bottom but the flat look went with the character so that is what i did. You can order the kits online and i think you can order just the pattern too. It is really sturdy and I like it a lot

This week I have also been working on Garrett's costume, but I am not aloud to post about that because it is supposed to be a secret, so you will all have to wait until after Halloween to see it!

One more picture of the apron:

Happy sewing!

Peace & Love J-me

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday sew and tell...a little late

So I wanted to start doing the Friday sew-n-tell found here because Lauren has been doing it and I really wanted to join in. Sorry it is sooo late. I was up in Plymouth for a student teaching seminar about how to get a job, and make a resume and everything but I did get a few things done i wanted to share!

Firstly for Homemade Christmas which Lauren and I are trying to do I found this pattern for cute "quilted" Christmas ornaments. It took me a while to make it it was a lot of folding and I think that for my first one it came out pretty nice someone will be receiving it for Christmas!

There was really no sewing involved just a lot of pins and some hot glue. I made the ribbon bow on top as well.

I also made a boxy pouch found here. I saw Lauren make one on her blog and i liked it so i made one myself! I put my little toiletries in it on Thursday to bring up to Plymouth with me! I think i am going to make another one just make it a little bigger.

So that's my sew-n-tell. I also went back to Peggy Anne's, and the golden geese in concord today while i was waiting for Garrett. I picked something up for my Halloween costume, and a few things to make Garret ts costume. Now I just have to start working on that! ahh.

Hope you all enjoy!

Peace & Love J-me

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Concord Quilting stores, and my first encounter with Amy Butler...

So I have been getting a little sick of the same old Joann fabrics, so I decided it was time to go to a quilting store where they sell other cool brands like Moda, and Amy Butler. I first went to the Golden Geese in concord on Liberty street. I was trying to find a fabric for Lauren but they didn't carry it :-( So I bought some others that I saw that sparked my interest. I don't know what to do with them, but i will find something :-D here they are:

I got two fat quarters, and then a half yard of the other two, I thought that they were really cool and I have a lot of Floral prints so i wanted something a little different.

Next I went to Peggy Anne's quilting on North Main street concord. The moment i walked in i was in love with Amy Butler fabrics! There were so many and they were all so beautiful. I new i couldn't buy all so it took me a while to figure out which ones i wanted. There were also a lot of cool fabrics and fat quarters in the store as well. it was sort of a small store but very nice. She sells top of the line sewing machines as well. So here is what I ended up getting there (and i will be returning next weekend for more! I can't resist!)

The one in the front is a fat quarter, and Peggy was wearing a shirt out of this fabric and I loved it it is Amy Butler, as is everything i bought there. The other two i got a half a yard of each. I think i may make an enlarged Buttercup bag found on Rae's Blog.

I also ended up going to Joann's because they were having a big sale, and i figured i mine as well because I'm in the area. This is what i got there:

The two in front i got 2 yards of each and it was red tag and 50% off the red tag so it was 3 dollars for 2 yards! I really liked them, again not sure what I am going to do with them. The two in back are Christmas fabrics for Homemade Christmas!

So that is what I did Friday, and today with the help of my wonderful boyfriend Garrett, we Did this to my car:

This is the inside of my car, I did the Visors a while ago and was planing on doing the ceiling for a while but hadn't gotten around to it, but today we did it. There are a few wrinkles but its much better then what it was like before! I'm sooo happy with it! But Garrett has a feeling if you sit in the back your going to get sick, well i guess we will just have to test that theory!

Peace & Love J-me

Monday, October 5, 2009

A very interesting 40 minutes....

So I want to tell you all (4ppl that are my followers) about the 40 minute walk/yog I did today. I do a little over a 2 mile loop. for those of you who know the area i go from my house, to the center of down, down by the paper mill, and then back up via rt 202. So I'm walking.... I get to the turn of towards town and begin my yogging, and its going good and I'm yogging by this driveway, and a lady almost hits me! i give her a dirty look and continue yogging when I'm at the paper mill I'm slowing down because I'm at the point where my nose is stuffed ( i have a cold) and I'm about ready to pass out haha, its like i just should of been walking at that point because it would of been faster, this is when Benny boo drives by sticks his head out the window and waves, I am Embarrassed! here i am like dragging butt haha, so i continue to the intersection and call it good and start walking back home. I reach mile marker 24.6 when i see a crazy squirrel start to dart across the road and a car is coming. I think that i am about to see a squirrel get murdered. He runs under the car missing the first set of wheels, does some crazy juke move, and manages to come out from under the car unscathed, and continues into the woods! At about mile marker 24.5 i begin to feel rain drops. (when i left my house (mile marker 24) it was beautiful out) I think that its in my head but then the wind picks up and the sky goes dark and it begins to ... POUR! so...i think to my self this isn't so bad, I'm close to home, so i keep walking. I'm getting pretty soaked and it dawned on me that one of my car windows is down! So i start yogging, almost jogging, home and i make it shut the window and run inside. Once i get inside and take of my soaked sweater, the sun begins to shine and the rain is gone! What a crazy 40 minutes of my day!

On another note... NECAP testing is in place and i sit in a room with 2 kids, and another teacher and watch and help them if needed...I basically sit for 3 hours (1.5hr increments) and read. Oh boy how exciting, have to do this for the next 2 days.

I cut more squares for my quilt! Blue ones!, only 3 more groups to cut and then i can start putting it together!

I don't have school this Friday but i have it Monday, go figure, so Thursday i am hoping to be headed up to Durham to see my hubby (Garrett's) dorm room and meet his roomie! Also i am planing on going to some fun fabric shops in concord, and hopefully i will find the fabric Lauren has been looking for, so i can pick it up for her :].
Well time to do some lesson planning!
peace & love J-me
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some easy and fun sewing!

So, I taught a lesson today the follow up from yesterday with the test prep, and my supervising teacher left the room to talk with a student and she was out their the whole block, so i was flying solo! I went over the answers, and i think i did a good job and hope most of the kids get all the data stats and prob questions right on the necap next week! So i had 10 mins of class left and I didn't know what to do, untill it hit me, i could teach them some simple sign language! So i taught them how to say Hi, and yes, no, funny, even cookie, becasue they were having a baksale today. (the made $154.15!!!! wow!) thats pretty crazy! So oerall i did awesome, i told them that i was having trouble with my voice because i am sorta sick, and that it would be awesome if they were good and quiet so i didnt have to raise my voice and they were wonderfull!

anways...on to the topic of my post. I was just searchng for some free tutorials/patterns for things you can make out of fat quarters, and I came across this awesome tissie holder. It's for the little things of tissues, and I thought it suited me becasue of how many tissues ive been going through! Here is where i found it:

and here is how mine turned out:

so cute! i think im going to keep it in my purse or my car, and im going to make them for x-mas presents, so everyone be expecting on of these, and let me know what sort of colors your thinking about!

well fried dough time!

peace & love J-me