Monday, October 5, 2009

A very interesting 40 minutes....

So I want to tell you all (4ppl that are my followers) about the 40 minute walk/yog I did today. I do a little over a 2 mile loop. for those of you who know the area i go from my house, to the center of down, down by the paper mill, and then back up via rt 202. So I'm walking.... I get to the turn of towards town and begin my yogging, and its going good and I'm yogging by this driveway, and a lady almost hits me! i give her a dirty look and continue yogging when I'm at the paper mill I'm slowing down because I'm at the point where my nose is stuffed ( i have a cold) and I'm about ready to pass out haha, its like i just should of been walking at that point because it would of been faster, this is when Benny boo drives by sticks his head out the window and waves, I am Embarrassed! here i am like dragging butt haha, so i continue to the intersection and call it good and start walking back home. I reach mile marker 24.6 when i see a crazy squirrel start to dart across the road and a car is coming. I think that i am about to see a squirrel get murdered. He runs under the car missing the first set of wheels, does some crazy juke move, and manages to come out from under the car unscathed, and continues into the woods! At about mile marker 24.5 i begin to feel rain drops. (when i left my house (mile marker 24) it was beautiful out) I think that its in my head but then the wind picks up and the sky goes dark and it begins to ... POUR! so...i think to my self this isn't so bad, I'm close to home, so i keep walking. I'm getting pretty soaked and it dawned on me that one of my car windows is down! So i start yogging, almost jogging, home and i make it shut the window and run inside. Once i get inside and take of my soaked sweater, the sun begins to shine and the rain is gone! What a crazy 40 minutes of my day!

On another note... NECAP testing is in place and i sit in a room with 2 kids, and another teacher and watch and help them if needed...I basically sit for 3 hours (1.5hr increments) and read. Oh boy how exciting, have to do this for the next 2 days.

I cut more squares for my quilt! Blue ones!, only 3 more groups to cut and then i can start putting it together!

I don't have school this Friday but i have it Monday, go figure, so Thursday i am hoping to be headed up to Durham to see my hubby (Garrett's) dorm room and meet his roomie! Also i am planing on going to some fun fabric shops in concord, and hopefully i will find the fabric Lauren has been looking for, so i can pick it up for her :].
Well time to do some lesson planning!
peace & love J-me
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Lauren said...

your running extravaganza reminds me of a run i did a few weeks ago where i was planning to walk the last 1/2 mile because it was over the milage i wanted to do, but it started pouring, so i just ket running, because i thought it would look silly to be walking in running clothes in the middle of a downpour.
i am glad you will keep your eyes open for the fabric.
also we are doing NECAP testing too and it is driving me crazy because i have to be there and help out but it doesn't count as hours for me, so i just sit there and christmas shop and look at blogs for christmas ideas for our homemade christmas. :)

Kristin said...

If you're going to be in Concord call me!

doreenobrien781 said...

Yogging? Explain please!!!

J-me said...

So yogging, is my term that I use for when i go for what normal people call a run or a jog, I wouldn't say I am jogging, or really running because of my speed. So i call it yogging, nothing fancy, hopefully if i keep my yogging up it will turn into a run :]

That would look funny definitively to see someone running and then stop and walk when it starts raining!

and Kristin, I will be in concord probably around 4ish, and i will just be hitting up some quilting shops, u can come along if you'd like.