Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This post will be about my weight loss journey, and then tomorrows will be about a birthday present for the cutest almost 1 year old on the planet :-)

I started week 2 of the c25k progrram....
"wait Jme didnt you start week one 2 weeks ago? meaning you should be on week 3 by now?"
Why yes, yes i did, and yes i should. Like i said Garrett was home 2 weeks ago, got distracted and wanted to spend time with him, then last week I was just plain proicrastinating that by doing some ZUMBA.

anyways for some motivation and to keep on going, i discovered the c25k pod casts, downladed them for free and im on track again. It constists of awesome musice to motivate you, and a women (british) telling you when to jog and when to walk! this way i dont have to worry about the time on the treadmill, and when spring decided to show its face i can run outside with out worrying about buying a watch!

So here are some pictures since i started out....
Dont laugh i have a long way to go, but im impressed considering the lbs havnt been falling off but the inches have!!

Front View


Side View


not much of a change but enought to notice, this is going to keep me motivated!!!

See you tomorrow after Zumba!!

peave & Love J-me

Friday, March 25, 2011

Busy busy busy!!

Hey Everyone!!

Its been a few weeks since my last post sorry!! Garrett was home on spring break last week so I spent most of that time with him, and then this week, I have been working on getting organized in the craft room and out.

On one of my adventures to Wal-Mart, I bought some small totes, 3 for 2.00!! I bought them with the idea that I would use the to sort out my scraps, it would be visually appealing, instead of just shoving them in a bucket that hides under the sewing machine.

I then began the crazy task of organizing and going through my scraps, I had small scraps that I really couldn't even do anything with!! I did a lot of weeding out small pieces and cutting misshapen pieces, and putting them in buckets. I realized that, 3 was in NO WAY going to be enough! So I went out with my mom and got 3 more.

Here is what the after product looks like!

I have lots of blues and greens, as well as pinks and reds!!

I also finished (just a few minutes ago) A purse that I have been wanting to make myself since I made one for my sister's birthday last November. I actually even cut out mine the same time that I did hers. You might remember the post where i showed it off to everyone. It is called the Bonsai Bag, found at Made By Rae's blog.

I love the colors, and it's a little dark for spring but I'm going to switch it over anyways I love it!!

 I put it in with the zipper closer, I had bough a zipper to do a zipper pocket for it, but I decided i would try something new and used the zipper for the closure of the purse I really like how it came out do you?

Another thing I worked on was a gift for Lauren's bridal shower, which I sadly couldn't attend. I got her these beautiful hand painted wine glasses, and made her some coasters that go over the stand, and a wine bag. I knew that she is not really a wine drinker, so I bought her some sparkling cider instead!! No reason to not enjoy the glasses! I sadly forgot to take a picture of the wine glasses, but Here is a picture of the wine bag, with the cider in it.

Another project I have been working on is one for Miranda's beautiful baby boy, who is turning 1 next Saturday. I can't show pictures just yet, because Miranda reads my blog, and I'm keeping it a surprise for her, her son and her fiance Jay. I just know they are going to love it!! And I think a lot of you will too make sure to come back after next Saturday to see what it is!!

I'm adding this to Amy's sew-n-tell so go over to her blog and check out the other finishes for March!!

Peace &  Love J-me

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Couch Potato to 5k week 1

Hey Everyone!! So this is a check in from week one of doing the C25K program.

Today I just started week 2, which consists of, 5minute warm up walk, then 90seonds of joggin and 2 minutes of walking, to 20 minutes total.

But i'm not going to talk about that, i'm going to talk about week 1.

Week one consisted of a 5 minute warm up walk, then jogging for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds.

The first day was great! I know that I can run some, so i didnt think that this 60 second job would really hurt me.
I start of doing the suggested streches before hand. I hold each strech for 30 seconds, unless other wise noted.
My brisk warm up walk is at a speed of 3.5mph ( i have short legs mind you) and then my jog is at 5mph, and my walk is at 3mph.

Here is a list of things that I learned about myself:

1. ALWAYS listen to some loud music, (NIN the Slip preferably) If I don't, then I can hear myself breathing, and then just hearing that makes me think that I can't go on any longer which is a LIE!
2. Wear my tight work out shirt, not some loosie goosie tank top, because my tight work out top holds my body a little better then the tank top.
3. Work out in the MORNING! last Friday I worked out after my 5 hour day at the bank, standing on my feet in my danskos all day, this made it hard on my feet, and they really hurt pretty much right into the work out, BAD IDEA!
4. ALWAYS do the stretches completely before working out! Again Friday, I kinda half assed them and i was in pain, got some shoulder cramps, and some leg cramps, something that doesn't happen if i do the stretches before hand!
5. don't get your foot caught under the belt on the treadmill!! I was reaching for my water today during my brisk warm up walk, and some how my sneaker got under the belt on the treadmill...SCARY!

Other then that i think it went well!! A day of rest is needed, but i still like to do some other work out, like just a nice walk, or maybe some zumba on wii!

Here is a picture of me after my work out on Friday, in that dreadful tank top!!
see how everything kinda hangs out loosely? haha. Next is a picture of me today, in the tight fitting work out top:

kinda blurry, but see how things are not all hanging out? makes me look skinnier too! but i still have a long way to go!!

But working out definitely makes me feel good, and I will be so happy when the day comes that I can go for a run with Garrett! :]

Peace & Love Jme

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

shopping spree!

Hey Guys!

Last Tuesday I went with my mom down to Yankee candle in MA. They were having a big warehouse sale, and my mom has been going a few years now and gets really good deals! I had the day off so i decided to go with her!

We got there right at 10am, so that we could make our own candle for free! that was cool, you got to layer all sorts of different scents and everything and then they melt the top layer and you get to take it home!

We did that, then we went into the wear house. I was excited and thought it was going to be a mad house in there, but we walked in and i didn't have that feeling anymore. My mom was even disappointed because it was nothing like it had been in the past years. I had to force her to buy some things because she was so depressed. They had a lot of new summer scents in there which i bought two of for 15 each, then we went into the main store, and the same scents were selling for 24.95!! crazy.

I recommend everyone go there because the store is huge, and there is a lot more then candles and its a very fun experience.

(my candle loot!)

After that, we went to Keene, where i got to do some fun shopping! We went to New England Fabrics, where i had a coupon, so i bought some fabric, and sale fabric, and found out not only did i get 20% off regular price but and additional 20% of sale fabrics! awesome score!

(kinda blurry sorry!)

I went to borders and bought Amy Butlers style stitches which I wanted for Christmas! and that was even 40% off!

I went to Michale's, to get foam board for a project i have been wanting to do for a while now that i found here. That was on sale too! and i found a nice stack of Amy Butler scrapbook paper, which i have been wanting since i thought of those ceramic coasters! and guess what...that was one sale too for $3.00!!
For the rest of that project i needed to buy a bookshelf, and i went to target and found a closet maid storage unit on sale as well!!

(book and paper)

(storage unit)

The last place we stopped was Joann's, because of course i had coupon's for there too! It was just a big day for sales for me, meaning a great day of shopping!! I probably saved $100.00!! \

( All my loot together)

I hope you like my storage for my fabric, i love it, its like my own mini fabric store! and now I can see what i have, without having to dig through bins!! so exciting!!

Have a great hump day everyone!!

Peace & Love Jme