Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This post will be about my weight loss journey, and then tomorrows will be about a birthday present for the cutest almost 1 year old on the planet :-)

I started week 2 of the c25k progrram....
"wait Jme didnt you start week one 2 weeks ago? meaning you should be on week 3 by now?"
Why yes, yes i did, and yes i should. Like i said Garrett was home 2 weeks ago, got distracted and wanted to spend time with him, then last week I was just plain proicrastinating that by doing some ZUMBA.

anyways for some motivation and to keep on going, i discovered the c25k pod casts, downladed them for free and im on track again. It constists of awesome musice to motivate you, and a women (british) telling you when to jog and when to walk! this way i dont have to worry about the time on the treadmill, and when spring decided to show its face i can run outside with out worrying about buying a watch!

So here are some pictures since i started out....
Dont laugh i have a long way to go, but im impressed considering the lbs havnt been falling off but the inches have!!

Front View


Side View


not much of a change but enought to notice, this is going to keep me motivated!!!

See you tomorrow after Zumba!!

peave & Love J-me

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