Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fabric covered Button earring tutorial!

You read it right I am going to try and do a Tutorial! I got this fabu idea to make fabric earrings and went searching on the Internet for a tutorial. All the ones that I found, were not exactly what I was looking for. Then I got the idea from a Magnet tutorial. Where they used buttons which you cover in fabric and then put a magnet on the back.

So with out further babbling here is my attempt at which to tell you how to make some

Materials needed:

Cover Button kit with tool (1/2" or 5/8" i wouldn't go any bigger)
Scraps of fabric
Glue gun
Earring backings
a tool which will snip through metal

Step One:

Open your kit, and take a look at your buttons. On the back piece there will be a round hook, This is what you would use to sew the button onto something. This is what we need to clip off. So use your pliers, or snipping tool and clip this off of two backings. make sure all the pieces are out.

Step two:

On the back of the packaging your buttons come in, there will be a "pattern" , or a circle which you cut out and use as a guide to cut your fabric scraps. make sure that you choose what part of the fabric you want to be on the earring and center that in the circle.

Step Three:

Place the fabric over the tool. and push the top of the button into the tool and fabric.

Step Four:
Fold in the rest of the edges, and then place the backing on the fabric that has been folded over. Use the Blue "push" tool to firmly push the backing onto the front piece. Then pull out the button

Step five:

Use the glue gun to glue the earring backing onto your covered button. Wait to cool, and TA DA! you have a cut fabric earring! (or you can use super glue)

I hope you can understand this, as i don't have pictures for everything, If there are questions please feel free to post your question and i will do my best to help you out!!
These make great gifts! and are easy and fun to make!!

Peace & Love J-me

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Its been a while....

Hey all my followers, all what 6 of you? any who, I know it has been about 15 days since my last post, and well i have been very busy! I had to get finished with my homemade Christmas presents, and My bestest friend from Florida was up so I spent time with her. But I do have lots to say, and share! I am planning on putting up a tutorial for fabric covered button earrings. Very simple and a lot of fun! I also plan on sharing all the Christmas presents i made with you. But that will have to wait because I am in Maine with Garrett and Lauren. When i get home and have some time I will make sure to put up some posts! But until then i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and will have a rocking new years!

Peace & Love J-me

Saturday, December 12, 2009

End of student teaching :-\

So Thursday Dec. 10th was my last day of student teaching. It was a sad but happy day. I was glad to be done with the 15 page teacher work sample, and my grades, and having that commitment to waking up and dragging butt to school every morning. It was sad because I have grown so close to a bunch of the kids and I really am going to miss those cute little faces. But i have promised to visit, and visit i will!

So i feel like this is going to be a really long post, with lots of fun pictures. Firstly I wanted to thank my two cooperating teachers for being so great and so helpful. They were really awesome and I will miss them too! So to show them how much it meant to me, I made them both a little fun package of all things made by jme. I knit them both scarves (they came out a little short) Made them each a "quilted" ornament, A fabric bookmark, and fabric/felt flowers! They both really enjoyed them, First is a picture of Sara's bundle of goodies she was the 7th grade teacher i was with. Second is a picture of Peggy's bundle, the 6th grade teacher i was with.

I found the bookmark pattern here. and the fabric flower patter here.
i love free patterns!
So the kids made me this huge we will miss you banner, and then i got some awesome gifts from my teachers!
They made me cards and a cake! it was awesome. My 7th graders gave the the Dr. Seuss book Oh the places you'll go. and they all signed it inside! I got a will tree angel. the Angel of learning, and a 40 dollar gift card to my favorite store in town the black swan! It was such a great day! I am going to miss those kids soo much!
Well I think that's all. At least for now!
Peace & Love Jme

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Sew and Tell

Hey everyone! So I have finished a few things and there are some things that i would also like to share with the sew and tell community!

Firstly I went Black Friday Shopping and went to Joann;s and got some 2.99 a yard fleece to make my Papa (grandfather) a no-sew blanket for him for when he is chillin on the couch "watching" bowling, and of course I mean sleeping! Its pretty huge it fits on Garrett's full size bed. It is really soft too! All you do is cut and tie!

Also I made this cute felted snow bird with my mother and one of my sisters the other day and it came out really cute! (by the way i notice none of these are actual sewing)

I'm also working on these Fabric Flowers tutorial found here, I'm not sure what I am going to do with them yet....(really i do, i just can't say!) This is just the start I still have to make more!

That's not the vase I will be using, its just the one that i found on top of the fridge. too cute huh?

Another thing: I received my ornaments from the ornament exchange! They are wooden, and beautiful! I don't have a tree to put them on yet but the will be there as soon as I do. Rita made them, and they are made out of a rare wood found in Africa, called blood wood, because the deep red color, and it changes over time!

So that's what I have!!! I hope you like it! I can't wait to see what everyone else is doing over at Sew-n-tell Friday!
Peace & Love J-me
P.S. I have one more week of student teaching!