Saturday, December 12, 2009

End of student teaching :-\

So Thursday Dec. 10th was my last day of student teaching. It was a sad but happy day. I was glad to be done with the 15 page teacher work sample, and my grades, and having that commitment to waking up and dragging butt to school every morning. It was sad because I have grown so close to a bunch of the kids and I really am going to miss those cute little faces. But i have promised to visit, and visit i will!

So i feel like this is going to be a really long post, with lots of fun pictures. Firstly I wanted to thank my two cooperating teachers for being so great and so helpful. They were really awesome and I will miss them too! So to show them how much it meant to me, I made them both a little fun package of all things made by jme. I knit them both scarves (they came out a little short) Made them each a "quilted" ornament, A fabric bookmark, and fabric/felt flowers! They both really enjoyed them, First is a picture of Sara's bundle of goodies she was the 7th grade teacher i was with. Second is a picture of Peggy's bundle, the 6th grade teacher i was with.

I found the bookmark pattern here. and the fabric flower patter here.
i love free patterns!
So the kids made me this huge we will miss you banner, and then i got some awesome gifts from my teachers!
They made me cards and a cake! it was awesome. My 7th graders gave the the Dr. Seuss book Oh the places you'll go. and they all signed it inside! I got a will tree angel. the Angel of learning, and a 40 dollar gift card to my favorite store in town the black swan! It was such a great day! I am going to miss those kids soo much!
Well I think that's all. At least for now!
Peace & Love Jme

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