Friday, May 27, 2011

May Giveaway Day - Winner!!

Hey everyone!!

Thank you to all who came by and posted a comment to win this strange group of giveaway items! I had 34 awesome comments, and I think that is pretty awesome for my first time entering the challenge!! It think next year I will make something specifically for giveaway day!

okay so on to the winner!!

Lucky Number 29!! That's: KRISTIN ORTH  a new visitor to my blog!! Kristin said:

Well Kristin I hope your kids have fun fighting over them!! I will be sending an e-mail your way to get your address!!


And again thank you to everyone who entered and came by to visit!! I hope you come back!

Peace &  Love Jme

Monday, May 23, 2011

May Giveaway Day!!!

Hey Everyone!!

The day is finally here!! Time for May giveaway day over at Sew Mama Sew!!

To all those that are new- welcome!!
To all those who have been here before - welcome back!

I have been very busy updating my shop on etsy. I have stocked up some new items, and there are more to come! I still have to post up my recycled key board earrings, as well as some Capri sun pouches, and magazine wallets!

I make a variety of things over here at Made by Jme. I make toys, purses/bags, wallets, earrings, bracelets, key fobs, tissue holders, and I like to sew quilts too!

Today for giveaway day I am going to offer you fine folks, a Hodge podge of items!!

I have for you:
- a Capri sun coin purse
- a honest kids pencil pouch
- A Kors flip flop magazine Wallet
- a quilted Christmas ornament
- a green headband!

Thats a $20 value free!!

Make sure to check out my Etsy Shop for other great items like -
- crayon roll ups
- crinkle baby toys
- juice carton coin purses
- pocket tissue holders
- Capri sun lunch bags

and coming soon-
- buttercup bags
- keyboard earrings
- soda tab bracelets
- magazine wallets
- quilted Christmas ornaments
- other purses

Thanks for checking out my blog make sure to follow the giveaway rules below! and if your not already, become a follower via blogspot or facebook

The rules are:
1 entry per person!
be sure to leave your e-mail in your comment!
I will pick a random person using
The giveaway closes on the 25th at midnight, and the winner will be picked the following morning!

I will ship the items to you on the 31st, because the 30th is a holiday!

happy entering!
Peace & Love Jme

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May Giveaway Day!!

Hey Everyone!!!

I was going to do this last year, but I didn't have enough time to get everything together. But this year I am making time. I think that this can help out my little etsy shop, and possibly put my blog on the map...the sewing world map!!

So Sew-mama-sew is hosting May Giveaway Day on Monday the 23rd. That's next Monday!! It's where a bunch of bloggers sign up and get their blogs on a list of blogs that are giving a way some free stuff, it gets A LOT of traffic and I'm hoping that will result in more followers and perhaps some Etsy Purchases!! I'm going to be adding more stuff on to my etsy, right now it is a very sad shop. I have had the pictures ready, its just a little time consuming to post everything up, so that's what I will be doing today after my short 2 hour work day!

Here is the link for more information on giveaway day, you should all go check it out, I have been entering giveaway day for a couple years now and its so cool to see all the other crafty bloggers out there!

So make sure to come back on Monday and enter to win!! I'm thinking a buttercup bag, and a recycled juice carton coin purse combo....what do you think?!

Peace & Love Jme

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fabric Freeze OVER!!!

Hey Everyone! Remember when I went on my Fabric Freeze for the whole month of April!!? Well I made it through!! I went a WHOLE month with out buying any fabric! I made some real progress too on some projects Ive been meaning to get done! I had cut and sewn all but 2 rows for Laurens Wedding quilt, which is awesome!! I  have also been doing fairly well on a quilt along I'm following too!

So while in April, on my fabric freeze, I heard about a going out of business sale and I almost broke my freeze and bought some fabric, I had it all in a cart but then my sub conscious told me to STOP! I didn't need it!! So I skipped out, then on May 1st, i noticed that it was still going out, and still on sale so I scooped up some fabric that was left! I didn't buy as much as I was planning on buying before, which is also good!! The package came in the Mail on Wednesday, and I was super excited to open it.

But I had to Wait. I worked 6 hours, and then went to my Zumba class, and when I got home i felt like going for a run because I was so energized, i mapped out a mile route, and put on my running shoes and headed out. I used that UN-opened package of fabric as a motivator to keep running!

I ran my first full Mile in like ever!! It took me 14 minutes, but at least i did it! Super proud.

So I opened the fabric package and this is what was inside:
7 half yards of beautiful fabric!!

Anna Maria Horner (innocent Crush) & Tula Pink (parisville)

Joel Dewberry (chestnut hill i think?)

Amy Butler (love)

Well I got to get to work!! Going to pick up my Bridesmaid dress afterwards!!!

Peace & Love Jme