Friday, May 6, 2011

Fabric Freeze OVER!!!

Hey Everyone! Remember when I went on my Fabric Freeze for the whole month of April!!? Well I made it through!! I went a WHOLE month with out buying any fabric! I made some real progress too on some projects Ive been meaning to get done! I had cut and sewn all but 2 rows for Laurens Wedding quilt, which is awesome!! I  have also been doing fairly well on a quilt along I'm following too!

So while in April, on my fabric freeze, I heard about a going out of business sale and I almost broke my freeze and bought some fabric, I had it all in a cart but then my sub conscious told me to STOP! I didn't need it!! So I skipped out, then on May 1st, i noticed that it was still going out, and still on sale so I scooped up some fabric that was left! I didn't buy as much as I was planning on buying before, which is also good!! The package came in the Mail on Wednesday, and I was super excited to open it.

But I had to Wait. I worked 6 hours, and then went to my Zumba class, and when I got home i felt like going for a run because I was so energized, i mapped out a mile route, and put on my running shoes and headed out. I used that UN-opened package of fabric as a motivator to keep running!

I ran my first full Mile in like ever!! It took me 14 minutes, but at least i did it! Super proud.

So I opened the fabric package and this is what was inside:
7 half yards of beautiful fabric!!

Anna Maria Horner (innocent Crush) & Tula Pink (parisville)

Joel Dewberry (chestnut hill i think?)

Amy Butler (love)

Well I got to get to work!! Going to pick up my Bridesmaid dress afterwards!!!

Peace & Love Jme

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Carla said...

I can totally relate to the fabric freeze. I tried it once but broke down mid point. I'm very week when it comes to fabric. Love all the yummies you got.