Friday, June 25, 2010

sew-n-tell friday

Hey everyone! So last weekend was kinda crazy so I didn't have time to do any posting. My sister Graduated Highschool, and it was my birthday and fathers day!!! (I turned 22....yikes!!) So for my sisters graduation I  got her some esentials for living at college....Oh...She is going to SNHU in Manchester NH, and studying Cullinary Arts! (baking specificly...I think..) Anyways... I got her plates, cups, bowls, a pot, some awesome silverware with an A engraved on them (her name is Ashleigh). I also made her a cork board, and a crayon roll. The crayon roll is what i would like to share with you. It was really fun to make and I think im going to make some to sell at craft fairs this summer. Here are some pictures:

I tried to match up the color crayons with  the colors of the peace signs. She really liked it and everyonwe at the party did too!

so a side know how i graduated college a few weeks ago...well i went with my sister to her orientation at her school, (my mom couldn't make it)..and i jut have to say I WANT TO GO BACK! i want to be in school still, i want to not worry about finding a full time job, i want to have roomates and a dorm...i am envious, and my boyfriend has 2 more years too..its going to be a sad couple years for me...

Anyways thats my rant. I hope you guys like it! Make sure to check out Amy's blog for other awesome finishes!

Peace & Love J-me

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sew-n-tell Friday! Baby Blocks

Hey everyone! So for this sew-n-tell I am going to show you some baby blocks that I made for my friends Miranda and JJ who recently had a baby boy named Cyrus! He is the cutest thing and I can't wait to have time to deliver the blocks personally and see him again! Here are the blocks.

On the back I embroydered a little saying that she had up on her facebook it reads: We Love you to the moon and back" i thought it was cute so i put it on the back of the blocks. They came out a little larger then i thought but that is okay they are very squishy and fin and i hope he will love them. I used fabric from the blanket i made for him before he was born and i added some owl print to it becasue they want the theme of his room to be owls. So she has already seen the pictures and she loves them i just need to get them over to her.

Also i got my quilt backing done from the last sew-n-tell and although many of you said to machine quilt i really want to hand quilt it. I finally picked out some teal thread that matches the teal in the backing fabric and the binding fabric and i think im going to quilt around the outside of each block on the sashing. Im really heasitating starting becasue i just really dont know what to do like where to stich. Its my first quilt so any help and ideas is very welcome!

Here are the pictures i put on my last post about it

a close up of the backing fabrics

Well I hope you like it!
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Peace & Love  J-me

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quilt top all Pinned and ready!

So I made my quilt back the other day, and then it was time to sandwitch it and pin it so its all ready for hand quilting! the Pattern calls for  machine quilting but i have lots of time and would really like to hand quilt it. I think hand quilting looks better too. and lets face it i'm not skilled enough for machine quilting, and i worked so hard on this quilt that i just don't want too!

So here is a picture of the back
Here is a close up:
And here is it all sandwitched together and pinned, which was a process! But not to terrible my knees just hurt after and we didnt have a big enough space to do it! I barley had any room on the sides to move.
So i bought so gutterman hand quilting threads that match the blocks colors. My idea is to sew around the blocks and the seams of the blocks with the matching thread color. What do you guys think? I need some major advice!! thanks!

Peace & Love J-me

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sew-N-Tell Quilt top done!

Hey everyone! Long time no talk, I know i said i wouldnt go this long with out posting but boy have i been busy. I had my finals week and i graduated from college! and then i had a fun filled week with my boyfriend before he started his 40 hour week paid internship, so i spent all my time with him. Then last week i spent all my time finishing my quilt top and getting ready for a big graduation bash thats happening TODAY! yay.

So remember when I was talking about doing this quilt, from a long time ago?

well......My first quilt ever and I finished the top! here are some pictures!!

So what do you think? I am very proud of it it is soo awesome! Its not very square, but no one can tell right? haha
So I went to Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor NH yesterday becasue they were having a huge sale. And i picked out some backing fabric, and the binding tell me what you think:
The top will be for the bigger back Piece
The bottom is for the smaller back piece
And this one below will be for the binding

Im not sure about the binding, I got it before the two back pieces I might change it

So the pattern calls for machine quilting, which i dont dare do on my first time, so i want to hand quilt it, which I have never done before. So HELP ME PLEASE! I don't even know where to begin with that!

This is all for now i have to go to work and then come back and party so i will put up another post later about my keepsake quilting adventure!


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Peace & Love J-me