Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quilt top all Pinned and ready!

So I made my quilt back the other day, and then it was time to sandwitch it and pin it so its all ready for hand quilting! the Pattern calls for  machine quilting but i have lots of time and would really like to hand quilt it. I think hand quilting looks better too. and lets face it i'm not skilled enough for machine quilting, and i worked so hard on this quilt that i just don't want too!

So here is a picture of the back
Here is a close up:
And here is it all sandwitched together and pinned, which was a process! But not to terrible my knees just hurt after and we didnt have a big enough space to do it! I barley had any room on the sides to move.
So i bought so gutterman hand quilting threads that match the blocks colors. My idea is to sew around the blocks and the seams of the blocks with the matching thread color. What do you guys think? I need some major advice!! thanks!

Peace & Love J-me


Mickey said...

I love it! :)

Suzyquzyquint said...

J-me, Do you mean you are going to sew around every single block? How about sewing around the blocks outer edges, about 1/4 inch within the side, in the color that matches the darkest color within the block. Get that? I'm not sure how you are going to address the block pattern on the back. Will your front stitches be all over the place on the smaller blocks on the back? How about just quilting within the black stripes? I'm probably not much help but you asked for advice!

Dumpgirl118 said...

The back came out so good! When you showed the fabric choices I couldn't picture how it would work out in my head, but now that I see it it looks great! And like I have said before, once you start hand stitching it will look good as long as you take your time and make the stitches the same size. It's certainly a labor of love, but for your first quilt it is worth it. A quilt to cherish for a lifetime.