Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cyril's Quilt

Back on December 7th 2012, my sister had her son Cyril Seamus Myhaver. He is my first real nephew! I love him to death. At first they didn't want me to make him a quilt, but I was going to anyways. Then they saw a quilt that I made for my friends baby Cooper, and My sister's husband, Chris, said that he wanted me to make Cyril one. So it was a good thing I had already had one in mind! My sister and her husband are both Irish, and her husband is pretty proud of that fact, so I went with the Irish theme.
(Photo Credit) here is Cyril at 7 days young!

I had the top all finished the day that he was born but then I had to quilt it together. It took me longer then I had hoped but I think it was worth the wait. I hand quilted it because I like that look more and I feel like it means there was more love put into it. Christmas came so i was busy with that, and New years came next. But I got it done and I think he Loves it.

I hope it will be a blanket that he will use for a while and will drag around the house with him. I want it to be his baby blanket that my sister tells his girlfriends about when shes trying to embarrass him.

I just hope it gets lots of love and use :)

Do you think hes happy to have it?

 What a Cutie!

The back is an Irish Flag :)

 His room at my moms :)

Close up of the Stitching

I love giving out Baby Quilts. One more to go for now. My friend/coworker Sara had her baby yesterday 1/23/13 Teyton Zander, now time to embroider his name and finish that one!

Peace & Love 


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years In Maine

Garrett and I went up to Maine for New Years Even again this year. We had a lot of fun last year we thought why not do it again? We had an equally awesome time. We invited our friends, Matt and Alexis up but unfortunately Matt had to work new years eve day and it wouldn't be worth the four hour drive to come up. But there is always next year!

We had so much fun! Lauren and Charlie were up as well so we had Christmas in Maine. Garrett got the best gifts ever from his mom this year. He got a big LEGO (like always), an Arcade Fire shirt he has wanted for a while, the anniversary addition of a Rage Against the Machine album, and....wait for it.....a suit like the spacemen where before they go into space! It is so awesome!
I got a gift card to Keepsake Quilting, which is way awesome because I go there ever summer for there Annual sale and spend at least 50 dollars. So i'm saving it for that trip :) Thank you Sue!!

We had a fire every day we were there, we even cooked some great food over the fire too! We went Snowmobiling (which i haven't done in forever!) and we had some fireworks on new years eve too!

Lauren and I walked out into the snowy yard and watched as the others let off the fire works. I was also trying to take some pictures too and I think some came out pretty good considering it was pitch black and I had no idea where they were going to be and nothing to focus on!

We ended the night with Garrett taking a bunch of random pictures and watching the ball drop.

Our last day there Sue, Rich, Garrett and I went out for some Chinese food and ordered way to much!

It was a great time and I always have a lot of fun up in Maine!

I can't wait to go up again in February for their french fry party and to do more snowmobiling!!

Peace & Love