Tuesday, April 20, 2010


wow!!! it has been almost over a month since I have posted last. and No sadly not done with my quilt. I have been sooooo busy latley, i havn't gotten around to finishing it yet, but all the sashing is cut and its all ready and waiting for me to have time to finish it. Here's what i have been doing:

1. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off
2. Doing loads of school work that always seems to pile on at the end of the semster
3. NOT looking for teaching jobs, because all the aplications are due this week and i have had no time to make my cover letters, and resumes.....
4. Zumba...(i love it)
5. Getting ready for my Praxis 2 exam this saturday
6. Getting things togehter for my groups Earth Jam...Also this saturday.

So for earth jam i am going to vend, and its all about eco friendly and recycling! so I have been collect juice pouches like capri sun, kool-aid, and honest kids...etc. I have been making cute likke coin pouches out of them and i made a bag today and plan on making a few more as well. I have also found a way to make wallets out of a page from a magazine, very cool, so i will be selling those as well. Well here are some pictures to show you what i have been up too. Sorry it has been soooo long, i promise not to go this long again....

cleaning out the pouches

letting them dry

some all finished with a little bag

the bag...

magazine wallets

the inside of one of my favorites..

well there ya go!! HAve a great rest of your week!!!

Peave & Love J-me