Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Couch Potato to 5k week 1

Hey Everyone!! So this is a check in from week one of doing the C25K program.

Today I just started week 2, which consists of, 5minute warm up walk, then 90seonds of joggin and 2 minutes of walking, to 20 minutes total.

But i'm not going to talk about that, i'm going to talk about week 1.

Week one consisted of a 5 minute warm up walk, then jogging for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds.

The first day was great! I know that I can run some, so i didnt think that this 60 second job would really hurt me.
I start of doing the suggested streches before hand. I hold each strech for 30 seconds, unless other wise noted.
My brisk warm up walk is at a speed of 3.5mph ( i have short legs mind you) and then my jog is at 5mph, and my walk is at 3mph.

Here is a list of things that I learned about myself:

1. ALWAYS listen to some loud music, (NIN the Slip preferably) If I don't, then I can hear myself breathing, and then just hearing that makes me think that I can't go on any longer which is a LIE!
2. Wear my tight work out shirt, not some loosie goosie tank top, because my tight work out top holds my body a little better then the tank top.
3. Work out in the MORNING! last Friday I worked out after my 5 hour day at the bank, standing on my feet in my danskos all day, this made it hard on my feet, and they really hurt pretty much right into the work out, BAD IDEA!
4. ALWAYS do the stretches completely before working out! Again Friday, I kinda half assed them and i was in pain, got some shoulder cramps, and some leg cramps, something that doesn't happen if i do the stretches before hand!
5. don't get your foot caught under the belt on the treadmill!! I was reaching for my water today during my brisk warm up walk, and some how my sneaker got under the belt on the treadmill...SCARY!

Other then that i think it went well!! A day of rest is needed, but i still like to do some other work out, like just a nice walk, or maybe some zumba on wii!

Here is a picture of me after my work out on Friday, in that dreadful tank top!!
see how everything kinda hangs out loosely? haha. Next is a picture of me today, in the tight fitting work out top:

kinda blurry, but see how things are not all hanging out? makes me look skinnier too! but i still have a long way to go!!

But working out definitely makes me feel good, and I will be so happy when the day comes that I can go for a run with Garrett! :]

Peace & Love Jme


Miranda Stoddard said...


Miranda Stoddard said...

I am so proud of you! Your motivation is great! You're doing wonderful, I wish I could run, too.. Maybe one day.

Tonia said...

That is so awesome Jaimie!! After I see the doctor about my recovery at the end of the month I want to start on some sort of routine so I can get into shape. Maybe we could do some stuff together?

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