Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taking on the Full Load Tomorrow Yikes!

Hey Everyone! I hope your weekends were awesome! Mine was pretty cool. I got to see Lauren and Charlie which is always a pleasure. Lauren and I talked more about Homemade Christmas! which is approaching faster then you know! I went to a Halloween party and got to wear my costume and Garrett got to show his off too which I have been working on for a long time.

Here is me in mine:

I went as Kelly from the Disney Show Handy Manny, here is a picture of her:

And Garrett, sadly didn't go as Manny, but instead he went as ROD from Hot Rod:

I'm still not finished but once it is finished i will post another picture. It does look pretty awesome though!

So this week starting Monday, I will be taking on the Full load of classes at SMS, that means 4 Math classes, Advisory, Lunch and blk 9. OMG pray for me. The kids have been pretty good, in math class but in block 9 they get really rowdy. I am also taking over Ms. Cox's bigger 7th grade math class which i am a little nervous about but i will live through it. The weeks are going by faster which is good because i will only be teaching until the week before thanksgiving. We have Veterans day off which i will take to go see Garrett at UNH finally and then we have the full week of Thanksgiving off! yay! then i give it back and get to just help out for 2 weeks until i go back to Plymouth and finish up.

Typing it out it doesn't sound too bad, but my midterm is due at the end of this week, my professor is coming out to see me Wednesday, and i have to get started on the student teacher work sample 10 pager i have to do. AHHH so i am freaking out a little.

Welll i better get well rested for tomorrow! Wish me luck!!

Peace & Love J-me

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Lauren said...

the costumes are great. i went to peggy annes on saturday and had to hold myself back form buying the whole store.
I am sure today went great, good luck!