Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday sew and tell...a little late

So I wanted to start doing the Friday sew-n-tell found here because Lauren has been doing it and I really wanted to join in. Sorry it is sooo late. I was up in Plymouth for a student teaching seminar about how to get a job, and make a resume and everything but I did get a few things done i wanted to share!

Firstly for Homemade Christmas which Lauren and I are trying to do I found this pattern for cute "quilted" Christmas ornaments. It took me a while to make it it was a lot of folding and I think that for my first one it came out pretty nice someone will be receiving it for Christmas!

There was really no sewing involved just a lot of pins and some hot glue. I made the ribbon bow on top as well.

I also made a boxy pouch found here. I saw Lauren make one on her blog and i liked it so i made one myself! I put my little toiletries in it on Thursday to bring up to Plymouth with me! I think i am going to make another one just make it a little bigger.

So that's my sew-n-tell. I also went back to Peggy Anne's, and the golden geese in concord today while i was waiting for Garrett. I picked something up for my Halloween costume, and a few things to make Garret ts costume. Now I just have to start working on that! ahh.

Hope you all enjoy!

Peace & Love J-me


tara said...

I love those boxy pouches. They are addicting to make. The quilt ornament looks really complicated.

Lauren said...

the ornament is so great Jaimie! And I really like the fabric choice for the toiletry pouch.

Dee said...

The ornament's star looks so small! Gracious, it must have taken a lot of patience and skill! The toiletries bag is awfully cute too. The fabric is very bright and happy and how neat you got to use it so quickly. Have a safe journey home! Thanks for sharing!

Lesly (aka Shadrach Meshach and Abednego) said...

Did I understand there is no sewing, just folding, for the ornament? It looks so cute! Whoever gets that will really appreciate it. Love your little bag, too - turquoise is my fav!

Bruce said...

Love the ornament Jaimie!

Leslie said...

i love this boxy pouch you made..great finishes

ktquilts said...

Very nice! Like them both. Whoever receives the ornament will be blessed by it!!