Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween and a finished Quilt

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

I made my costume this year to wear at the bank and to hand out candy (we don't get many trick-or-treaters).

So I went as Flo from the Progressive commercials!

Complete with Blue Shoes

Made the "pins" myself haha

I bought a Bump it for my hair, and wore one of my dad's white collard shirts!

What do you think?

As for the Quilt, I finished Kim and Andrew's wedding quilt and sent it off a few weeks ago! I sent it with a sappy letter and she told me that when she opened it she started crying! aww. I'm so glad she liked it! Here are a few pictures of it all done!

A close up of the stitching

the embroidery work I did on it :)

Soon to come pictures of the completed quilt for Brooklyn!!

Peace & Love

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Miranda said...

I loved your costume. You're beyond adorable. The quilt is beautiful, great work...I'm sure they love it and will cherish it forever!