Friday, November 11, 2011

Brooklyn's Quilt FINISHED!

Hey Everyone!! Remember the quilt I have been working on for my cousin's baby? Well her name is Brooklyn Tanner, she lives down in Texas where it is warmer then here in New Hampshire (where her parents are from originally) So I used a thin cotton batting so she could still use it in the Texas heat, or what they would call cool nights down there. Ha!

They have been waiting on this for a while and I feel sorta bad, but I'm glad I took my time quilting it! Her colors are purple and yellow, so I used scraps and made a pinwheel design!

I wasn't going to put her name on it, but then I decided I would so if anyone tried to steal it they couldn't because it will have her name on it! So because i decided to do this after I had to applique a purple square onto the back of the quilt so her name would show up because the pattern on the back is so fun that you wouldn't be able to see it if i just did it on there!

Now for the pictures!!

Yes it snowed in NH in October!! This is probably going to be the first and maybe last time this Blanket will ever see snow!! haha.


A close up of the Quilting. (Lauren gave me this idea on this quilt that she did)

the back!

My JOB(by JOB I mean my Initials! haha) is on there can you see it? It's a little hard to see

The quilting on the back, kind of hard to see

Me trying to be artistic with a Kodak point and shoot haha! can't wait to get a better camera!


The name square.

All packaged up and ready to go in the Mail tomorrow :)

I hope they like it and it gets there fast!!

Peace & Love J-me

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Shelby G said...

Wow, what detail! I am impressed with your quilting skills, I always rush my quilts. Keep up the awesome work!