Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hey Guys!

Its been a whole yet again! I've been super busy the last 2 weeks but what else is knew right? Garrett's getting ready to go back to school for his last an undergrad.... grad school next? Who knows with him. So hes leaving soon to live on campus so I'm trying to soak up as much time with him as I can. The reason I'm blogging now is because he is up in Maine visiting his mom. :-)
I wish I could of gone with him, but Garrett likes to plan things last minute, or not tell me about these plans...maybe because he doesn't want me to go, or just thinks i can read his mind...but none the less I have to work, and wasn't given enough notice to try and take a day off.

well enough venting, I came to blog for a reason!

I need to make a list. A list that I and you can hold me accountable for! I need to get stuff done!  Here is my list of things to get done, in no particular order, just in order as i remember them.

1. My cousin Christopher, and his Girlfriend Stephanie's quilt for their baby girl Brooklyn due soon!
2. Garrett's "Anniversary" Quilt, which I was hoping to have done for his Birthday (July 12)
3. the Patchwork squared quilt, which the top is basically done for
4. My mom's Place mats
5. Craft Fair items- Coupon organizers, tile coasters, crayon rolls, Reusable shopping totes(?)
6. Stuff for my sister's wedding and shower: cutting 100 fabric squares, and making hand muffs, and a ring bearer pillow
7. misc WOP's; hexagon quilt, strip quilt, dress (meant for Lauren's wedding), there is probably more i can't think off
8. read a book,
9. relax
10. Spend some time with friends
11. Spend quality time with Garrett
12. Do more blog posts!

So I have lots to do!
Wish Me luck

And here i leave you with a picture because it's a pretty wordy post otherwise!

(may 2010)

Peace & Love Jme

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