Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tuesday Night, Craft Night

Hey Everyone!

I was super busy with Craft fair preparations! I got a lot sewn, and ended up not selling a lot of my new stuff! So I still have a lot up for grabs so check out my Facebook page (link over on right hand side)  and check back here for things that are up for sale! I hope to have pictures posted soon of what I have left. To give you an idea, I have about 5 different coupon organizers, and 3 reusable foldble shopping totes, and some awesome coasters!

Okay now onto the actual subject at hand here.

So my friend Miranda and I used to hang out every Tuesday to watch a show together. Now that that show is over for a few months we still wished to hang out but wanted to find something to do with that time! Well we decided to do a craft night! And last Tuesday was our first one!

I came to her with the idea of a yarn wreath. I sent her a link to one with instructions and she didn't seem to interested in it. Now she has a sore spot for Owls, so I found one with an Owl and sent her the link and then I had her!

We went out the Tuesday before for some shopping, picked up our wreaths and some silly embellishments. We also went to the Olive Garden for dinner! There we treated ourselves to some drinks, and she got the Sangria. We both fell in love!

So come Tuesday craft night, we invited two other great friends, Miranda made a pitcher of Delicious Sangria, and Chocolate lava cake(made in the crock pot) and I some cinnamon knots.

We sat around on the floor and made our wreaths. There were lots of fun laughs and some teasing, and lots of screaming "ouch!" because we all burned our fingers on the hot glue!

I have a few pictures of my finished product, I hope you all like it!

Silly picture right after I finished it!

(don't mind the ugly door!)

Close up of the sides!

So these were really fun to make and it lets your imagination soar with all the different possibilities for them!!

I hope you like it!!

until next time..

Peace & Love J-me

p.s. don't be surprised if you get one from me for Christmas! ;-)

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