Friday, February 25, 2011

Chase's Baby Blankie!

Hello everyone!

I know that most of you have been waiting to see how this blanket was going to turn out. Since we had the baby shower back in November, and a lot of you signed the blocks. Well guess what it is finished!! and just in time for Chase's first day home!!

The original plan for the blanket was found here its called the life cycles quilt.
I followed this pattern for the front, and used the Urban circus line that I had been dying to buy but had no reason to do so.

When the baby shower came along, I had everyone get there a little early, and had them sign the blocks using a permanent fabric marker.

(some blocks made by friends!)

Thank goodness we all finished before Tonia arrived.

I then took them home,and continued to have people sign the blocks. As Tonia's due date was getting closer I decided it might be a good idea to get cracking on sewing the blanket together. It took me a while to lay it out how i wanted to, and then when i started sewing my machine was having a tension issue, so Garrett and I took it apart cleaned it real good and messed with the tension until it was right.

(The front all finished)

When it came to the back of the blanket I didn't have enough yardage left to do it solely in the urban circus print. And I had some unused blocks left over.

(The back all finished)

I decided to put some blocks on the back, so that way i could write his birthday, and weight and everything on the back, some nice milestones as well. There is room for her to write his first words, or when he first walks, or crawls. What ever she would like to go on there she can fit on there.

( The back blocks)

I also added some fabric that she had told me she really liked, when we were out fabric shopping, so that's how the back came to be.

I hope that Tonia will let him use the blanket, but I also put some loops on the back so that she can hang it on the wall and it can be a decoration for the nursery.

I love it, and I hope Chase does too!!

(Tonia and Chase enjoying the warmth!)

(Favorite winnie the pooh quote)

(Auntie J-me, and Uncle Garrett's blocks)

Another small thing that I decided to make her is a Mobile. It is made out of Yo-yos, from left over fabric from the blankie, and other prints. The hoop on top is a blue embroidery hoop. One of my friends posted a picture of her nursery on facebook, and I saw this great idea so I decided to make one for Tonia too!

I will be adding this to sew-n-tell over on Amy's blog, so make sure to go and check out all the other finishes!!

Peace & Love Jme


Nina@ Mama Roux said...

Cute idea for a special quilt. Love the elephant fabric. Great job!

p.s.phyllis sews said...

What a wonderfully thoughtful gift! All those comments will be so fun to read!

Jessica said...

That quilt is beautiful! I never thought about writing all the details of a baby's birth on a quilt, that's such a wonderful idea. And I LOVE the mobile!

Karen said...

Wonderful job on making the baby quilt so special. Great fabrics.

Lezlie21 said...

what a super cute blankie!!

Ljrieben said...

Such a great story and a great quilt! Love the mobile that matches!

Anonymous said...
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