Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 17th 2011 :) Welcome nephew!

Hey everyone! As most of my readers know, my best friend was expecting a baby boy. (click here for her story!) She was one week past her due date. She went in for a check up and, I get a call text, a little later that night and find out that she is in the hospital and will be put on pitosin the next morning. So later, I went home and tried falling asleep so when she call texts me in the morning I would be all ready to zoom on over to the hospital, which is only 15 minutes away!

I got a text, in the morning around 7:30ish, letting me know that they put her on the pitosin, so i took a shower and picked up her mom on the way over. I was sooo excited that we would be meeting her beautiful baby boy Chase, and that she wanted me to be there when it happened. I got to the hospital around 8:30ish, and didn't leave her until around 4am the next morning.

I was a little worried when she was in a lot of pain, I didn't like to see her in so much pain, but I needed to be strong for her, that last thing she needed was a bunch of people crying. She finally got the epidural, and could sleep. The epidural did some funny things to her mood, and at one point she didn't say that she wanted me to be in the room when it came time to start pushing and I got sad... but no worries when she was more clear headed, and ready for it to happen I was there for her.

It was a very interesting experience and I was so happy that she wanted me there, and that I could help encourage her to push! after 2 1/2 hours of pushing, the epidural was running out  and she was having extreme back labor. She couldn't take it anymore. She opted for the C-section, and at 2:38 Chase was born!! I got to go see him and take pictures for her while he was getting weighed in, and getting his first bath, and getting dressed for the first time. I know that she wanted those pictures so i did it for her. Before i left for the night, I got to hold my nephew, and cuddle him, but I had to remember I had work in the morning and needed to go home and rest.

After the c-section

holding my first nephew!!

Garrett holding his first nephew, the day after he was born.

Tonia did a wonderful job, and has a beautiful baby boy. I'm proud to be his Auntie!

Peace & Love

Check back later for his completed quilt!!

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Tonia said...

Awww Jaimie I love your post. Jamison and I both want to say thank you and that we are so grateful that you were there helping and supporting us. We really needed you and were awesome at holding things together for us. I really am glad that you were able to share in this experience with me. I can't imagine the birth of my son going any other way. Well maybe a less painful! We love you Auntie Jaimie!! Thank you for everything that you have done for us.