Tuesday, April 12, 2011

List/c25k Update..

1. Amy Butler Nesting bags - 2 more to go!
2. Amy Butler checkbook cover
3. P2 modern solids quilt along quilt
         block 1
         block 2

         block 3

         block 4
         block 5 etc...
4. Hexagon quilt i started like last year- Some pieced, still more to sew and cut!

5. Old Red Barn Co quilt along I also started last year (pieces cut, no sewing done)
6. Garretts Anniversary Quilt turned Birthday Quilt- Making Garrett a NIN quilt, showed him the plans on our anniversary, decided to put a deadline of his birthday (july 12) on it.
7. Lauren & Charlie's Wedding Quilt- Must be done by July 12 at the latest.
                    TWO OUT OF 6 COLORS CUT!!
8. Silk lined hand muffs for my sisters wedding in Dec
9. Reusable shopping bags- fabric bought around x-mas time with my Mardens Gift Card!!

So as you can see not much progress haha but oh well I'm working on it.

AS for my C25K update, I'm in week 4!!
Walk for 5 minutes (warm up)
Run 3 minutes
walk 90 seconds
Run 5 minutes
walk 2.5 minutes
Run 3 minutes
Walk 90 seconds
Run 5 minutes
walk 5 minutes (cool down)

I just did day one today, and it went well, didn't get tired, Had my new running shoes to use, but they hurt my feet, i think they just need some wearing in!! I love them though and halfway through the run my feet started feeling better.

I also went for another walk, about 1.2 miles outside today to enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful weather, and its supposed to rain tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my day of resting from the program, but its also my Zumba night, so excited! Oh and it's my Dads 49th Birthday!! Happy Birthday Dad!!

Oh I also joined this awesome website called the Daily Mile, its really cool and tracks your miles you run or walk for the week, and forever haha Its pretty sweet!!

Eye Candy: going to go eat some of this!!
Schwan's sherbet!

Peace & Love J-me

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Tonia Whitman said...

As always I am so impressed by your motivation! I started walking this week with Chase we didn't go today, I am not feeling well, but we are going tomorrow with Jamison and then on Thursday to the park!! You are sorta my inspiration...