Thursday, April 28, 2011

Glowing :]

Just a quick little blurb!! just got back from a jog/walk. 2.28 miles in 38 minutes. Started out this "jog" walking, and trying to use my new C25K app, where you listen to your own music and then in beeps when to walk and run. Well about 10 minutes into walking i noticed it wasn't working, so no use in restarting it, so i just listened to the end of a song and then started jogging for the new one.

I was afraid that I wasn't going to be able to last to long because of those strength training videos I did on Tuesday, and my thighs were super sore and so are my abs, but i started running and the pain like went away!! I felt great, I was taking in the surroundings, and looking at the people  driving by, enjoying the breeze and then fresh "it just rained" smell of the air. I even found myself smiling....who does that? haha I do!

I decided i was going to  "stop" when i go to an intersection, but i was still feeling good so I kept on going, i set about two more mini goals, and then decided i should not push it too much because i was heading up a hill and after Mondays crazy pain i didn't want that to happen again. I made it half way up the hill!

I then walked some more then jogged the last .2 miles home. I am feeling amazing!!

I decided I'm going to continue doing the strength training because i think its helping me out. Well that's my rant  I hope to soon run jog at least a mile with out stopping in the next few weeks! wish me luck!!

 now off to eat some dinner then go to sleep and get up to watch the Royal Wedding!! (maybe haha)

Peace & Love Jme

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