Thursday, February 23, 2012

Week 3: 1st Birthday

Hey everyone!! Yes this is a little late but I am posting :)

Last Saturday was Chase's First Birthday! He is my best friends baby boy! To make it easier we will call him my nephew.. :)

well it was his first birthday and she threw him a party at her boyfriends place of work. (a pizza place) We enjoyed pizza and cake and soda and hugs and kisses :)

he had a big pile of presents and he loved them all., but I think his favorite was the guitar his uncle TJ got him.

Here are the pictures, some of them are not so great, i was trying to do all manual again... and the lighting was hard... well.. ill let you see for yourself:

I hope you enjoyed them!!!

Peace & Love Jme


Tonia said...

AW! I love these pictures! I am glad you got some because while I packed my camera I don't think it got taken out of the bag but thats okay as long as there are pictures somewhere. I love the guitar and train one. Chase has just gotten so big it is unreal. Great job Jaimie!

Miranda said...

These are great captures from Chase's first birthday! :o) I love the big one of his face! Tooooo adorable!