Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 1: A Brisk Morning

Hey Everyone! It is Thursday, and I stated the other day that I would try and post a new picture from the past week every Thursday.

Well here we are week one!

I decided that I better get outside today to snap a picture because I used the ones that I snapped last weekend already in the post earlier this week. OOPS!

I needed to get some exercise in today anyways so I bundled up and took a walk with my camera. I snapped 29 photo's this morning and I am only going to share 2 with you. Oh the joys of learning how to use a DSLR. Well I think it is rather fun and like to see all the different shots even if some are FAR worse the others!

So I had a place in mind when I stepped outside this morning. About a half mile down the road there is this pond, with a great mountain view. And the sun was shining so bright it was a nice warm place to stand still for about 10 minutes! :-)

I started off standing, but didn't really like what I was taking, they looked like typical landscape shots with the sun, so I decided to get down on my knees and take the shot from a different angle.

Here is what I came up with.

I love the sun in this one, with the shadows on the ground, and the little bit of snow we have left!

I also love the sun in this one, It looks like a giant star...which it is haha, and the rock wall in the front looks mysterious. I also like that I put it in black and white!

Other ones that I took were way to bright, and not good. But I got the hang of it. 

One thing I would like to learn more about is my ISO setting. I know the basics about what it means, and everything, but I would like to know more.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures! Hopefully I will be back next week!!

Peace & Love J-me


Miranda said...

Great shots, the first on is my favorite! I love sunflare photography! Lets talk ISO when you come over to watch Lying Game!

J-me said...

Thanks!! Yay! I can't wait for Monday!