Sunday, February 5, 2012


Hey Guys, So I haven't been keeping up with my goal of posting at least once every two weeks. So I'm going to try to do that again! I'm thinking that maybe every Friday I will try and post a favorite photo from the week before.. we will see though!

But  here are some pictures from the month of January, and a few at the end from this weekend on my walk with Garrett. I hope you enjoy them!!!

Garrett and I went to visit Tonia and Big Boy Chase!!! He will be 1 this February!

What a cutie!

Garrett was spray Painting his bike, i thought this shot looked really cool!

Garrett and I used to spend a lot of our time together in the basement at his house. He would do woodworking and I would watch, or help him, He also taught me how to use all his Dad's tools. This is something I did down there when I was bored of watching him, It has been there a while, and every now and then I darken it up again! :)

My family dog Hank, and my sisters cat Mocha, hanging out on the couch together!

This is from my walk today with Garrett, There are a lot of Alpacas down the road from him

A pretty view of the mountain from our walk

A cool tree on his road

the same one.

Garrett heading down the driveway of the mini viper

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!! More stuff on things I have been working on craft wise to come later this week! Now it is time for sleep... too bad the Pat's didn't win the Superbowl :(

Peace & Love


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