Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 2: The town Library

Hey Guys! It's Thursday again so here is another photo post!!

I have been meaning to go to my towns library fro a few weeks now and I finally got around to going there.
I used to go their on "field trips" in elementary school and I used to think it was sooo big, but going in there now it feels really small. I still love it though!!

I went in looking for the Hunger Games, or Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close but both books were out. That didn't discourage me from looking around though! I actually picked up a book, and some of you might be surprised that I haven't read it yet!

Well I took some pictures of the library I hope you like them!

Here is the Library, It is a little dark but i like the way the sky looks in it, and the hint of sun in the left corner

Here is a lighter picture of it!

here is a close up of the outside doors, I just love it!!

and here is the book I got. I have seen all the movies and loved them! I have never read the books, so here I go! I hope to like them just as much!

So what do you guys think??
Do you still visit your local Library?

Peace & Love Jme

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Miranda said...

i love that little ol' library! and the door knob picture! The stone church in antrim has some fun knobs to photograph! ;o)