Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taught first lesson...ish

So today I taught my first lesson sort of. I taught a block (first block) (45 mins) of test prep for the NECAP, which they will be taking next week. My topic is Data Statistics and Probability. So i have been feeling under the weather, and i left early to go rest up for the big day yesterday. I woke up and thought I MUST take medicine now to insure I won't want to cry when i teach my lesson. Well I took an alieve, and a zyrtec. Well i got to school feeling good, and the moment i was to start teaching i felt light headed. I don't know if it was the meds, or the nerves, or a combo of both, but all i could think was oh no here we go.

So i started with 2 collumn notes and went over definitions and examples for mean, median, mode, range, and probabilty, and the had them start a packet of released questions form last year.

Besides my crazy light head, I think I did pretty well. Students were engagged, and students were answering and asking questions! Even that one kid i wanted to strangle! (later on he told me I am a good teacher) Overall it was a success, and I hope tomorrow will go the same with out the crazy light head.

For the NECAP testing i sut found out the they assigned me someone whom i have to read the test outloud to. Way to just put all this weight on my if i dont have a student teacher. YIKES! side school didnt make ayp last year, and that is why they are starting this initive and modifications.

On another note, I started cutting my fat quarters that will make the blocks in my first quilt ever! Here are a few pictures:

I have only been cutting two fat quarters a day becasue its a lot fo cutting and im trying to be as precise as i can be, and im sad becasue i have work today and i had a staff meeting so i wont have time to cut two today. But hopefully by mid next week i will start sweing together my blocks!

Peace & Love J-me

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