Friday, September 18, 2009

Some Random things, now that i can post pictures on my blog....

So the other day when it was Cassie's birthday we went to go re-new her licence and on the way back we went to 3 liquor stores. Here is her all excited at her first one:

And low and behold look what was next door, my two favorite store are next to each other:

I had a good week at school except for the lesson i taught. I was trying to teach exponents the 6th grade version and i didn't really know how or what i was doing so i talked really fast and got all jumbled. But whatever i get full credit anyways. I worked 2 nights at the calling program training new data people to replace me :(. I went to the first also meeting (the GSA of plymouth) where my friend tonia is the president! it was an okay meeting, i was a little late and there were not that many people there.

I hung out with Angela and watched some stupid gymnastics movie. Then i went and got ice cream with Cassie! The only thing that i didn't get to do while at school was go to a fabric store Lauren told me about. Hopefully i can fit it in next week.

So on my way back from school i stopped at old navy in tilton to use up the rest of my gift card and then some. I bought a cute red shirt a new pair of jeans and Flip Flops for sir Garrett. When i got to concord i couldn't help but stop at Joann Fabrics, i had coupons that were burning a hole in my Vera Bradley wallet. So here is what i got there:

A lot of things were on sale so i couldn't really use my coupons. I want to make a quilted pillow out of these fabrics. I have been eyeballing them for a while now, but they were on sale so i decided what the heck and bought some.

And i couldn't just go to joann's and not go to payless which was right next door. I was in there and there were these older women in there trying to show me shoes and they wanted me to try them on but the ones they picked out were sooo ugly. I think they thought i was 12. But i got some cute heels for student teaching because i am going into the 7th grade class and they are about as tall as me if not taller so i need to have some authority. I am going to wear them today and see how it works out. Here is a picture of my shoes and red shirt:

Oh how could i forget. My next door neighbor Blanch, moved out of her house into a nursing home, and we cleaned out her house and got to keep a lot of things. and this is one of the things i got to steal from her house:
it's from the 40's and all it needs is a new belt, and it will be ready to go. I can't wait to sew something on it. Maybe i will do my quilt!
So antrim Home and Harvest day's is coming up tomorrow and i have been busting ass trying to get a lot of stuff together Here is what my work place looks like:

yes, lap top next to me playing episodes of gossip girl, and a woodchuck as well, don't worry i only had one, not a good idea to get sloppy while sewing. Just something to keep me going!
Well Garrett comes home today so i will be busting butt until he gets here so wish me luck!
Peace and Love Jme

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