Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Keepsake Quilting adventure

So yesterday I decided I wanted to go to a quilting store that Lauren told me about. It's called keepsake quilting and its only about 20-30 minutes away from I thought why the heck not. I loaded up my car with myself Cassie and Angela and we headed on our way. When we got there I was very excited. There was so much fabric, and patterns i have never seen before...a nice change from Joann's.... I had a pattern in mind that i wanted to make, i found it free on amy butler's website..its a cute business card holder or credit card holder. I thought that this would be the perfect project for fabrics in this store, becasue it calls for little yardage, and everything in there was pretty expensive!

That is the front of the store. So i was overwhelmed with all the fabrics!

There were a few frabrics that I really liked and i was going to get both of them but then i decided that i could always come back! so here is what i got:

The blue and the one with it, it was im going to make the credit card holder out of, The two rolled up fat quarters were on sale, so i bought them. then the fat quarter bellow was an impulse buy, they were folding them at the counter to put them out and i tottlay wanted it so i got it, i think that it could also possibly go with the other pattern!...hmm...choices..

Here is the other fabric i liked a lot

Its the one thats sort of pulled out in the middle, right above my wod middle in this sentence!

So overall i had an awesome time, and will defintly go back for more!

This is me and angela with our purchases!


Peace and love, Jme

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J-me said...

Its acutally more above the word
"out" when i was typing it, it was above middle