Sunday, September 27, 2009

Goodbye 6 hour class, hello full time student teaching

So Tomorrow I will start being in the school full time. No more traveling to Plymouth for a long class 3 days a week. Although I do have a seminar to go to on Oct. 16th. I'm going to miss pow-wowing in Tonia's room on the mattress. It was pretty comfortable there, and I felt like I was in the 6th grade again....oh wait.. I kind of am... Here is a picture of my set up I had at Langdon with Tonia:

It was pretty awesome! I cant wait to visit you again bed in october.

As for teaching... I am pretty terrified actually. I had to cover my teachers Lunch last thursday and friday, and trying to communicate and get the kids attention was pretty tough...especially one in particular.. but I won't touch on that.

She wants me to take over her everything! advisory, lunch, and 9th block...the dreaded 9th block. I'm not scared about teaching these children in the academic aspect...but when it comes to non academic focused blocks...boy am I scared.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to take over her lunch block...lets see how that goes...YIKES!

On another note I had a pretty good weekend. Garrett came by on Friday and surprised me...Kinda with the new Owl City CD. It is so super awesome I love it. (thank you G-man)
I watched a pretty awesome movie called Sex Drive, everyone should see it, it it pretty hilarious!

Saturday was work, and it was hectic, a co-worker was really sick so we were short 1 person, so i just had to work my butt off and stay a little later then normal. After work we went with some friends to celebrate colie's 21st birthday (which was friday) we went to the bowling alley and played arcade games. We are working on a way to win a xbox with tickets.
As for today, My babe and I just kinda hung out, played with kitties, and goofed off while putting pellets in his basement....I love weekends.

I'm going to try and at least get my quilt fabric cut and ready for putting the squares together. I'm also going to try and make garrett a sweet Halloween costume..but i can't say what it is..he might get mad.

Well I better get to bed if i plan on getting up early tomorrow and starting my new workout...haha....

peace & love J-me


Lauren said...

Good Luck Jaimie! Next time you go to keepsake call me first, there is some fabric that I have been looking for and NEED but can't find. Maybe you and I should go on a trip, perhaps I could convince susie to come too. Now I am rambling. Good luck student teaching, don't take any crap from anybody.

J-me said...

You know what Lauren...I don't have your you have mine?
I would love to go on a trip to many different fabric stores with you! I hear you talking about Mardens, you should take me there!