Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011!

I know that I am a few days behind, but I hope you will forgive me! I haven't posted in a long while, but one of my resolutions is to post more often, at least once every 2 weeks. This is because I go on my blog everyday to see if the bloggers whom I follow have posted anything new, and when they haven't I'm a little sad, and I don't want anyone to feel that way about mine!

So this post is just going to be in pictures, just to reflect on last year, they are in no particular order, and there are more but it was taking a lot of time to do them! (I got this idea from Garrett's sister Lauren! thank you!)

1&2 Trip to Foxwoods to celebrate Ben's Birthday and our (Garrett and mine) 8 year anniversary!
3. My first quilt ever finished!!
4. Muse concert

1. Earth Jam at my college, where I first sold my crafts!
2. Solar fest at UNH
3. Spring time in Plymouth, my favorite! my last spring spent there :-(
4. Gogol Bordello concert!

All these pictures are from My college graduation. BS in Mathematics with teacher certification option (5-8)
This was a very exciting, and sad time for me. I miss all my friends from college!

The music festival Garrett and I attended in 2010. Osheaga in Montreal Canada.
1. Arcade fire
2.Snoop Dogg
3. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
4. Weezer!

1.Garrett and I Climbing Bald Mountain together
2. Celebrating my Graduation with some friends
3. Halloween, Isabella and Phineas, from Phineas and ferb. (the first article of clothing i have ever sewn...i have a lot to learn!)
4. Warm Fire

1. Painted my room from being a bring orange and yellow to a nice shade of turquoise! A much needed change!
2. A crinkle toy for the best little boy!!!
3. Bonsai Bag for one twin for her birthday!
4. Oven mitts for the other twin!

This is the summer set.... I don't know why I put it last.
1. Hanging out at Newbie!!
2. Summer flowers
3.More fun at newbie
4.more summer flowers!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures. I'm really excited to see whats in store for 2011. Garrett's Sister Lauren will be getting married, and my sister Christine will be getting married! Garrett will almost be finished with school, and I will be an auntie for my best friend Tonia's baby boy Chase! I am really excited for this year and I hope it is one of my best!!

Peace & Love J-me

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