Monday, January 10, 2011

Nine Years...Looking back..and foward :]

Hello everyone!
As some of you may know already yesterday, January 9th, was my 9 with the love of my life Garrett.

I wanted to share with some of you who don't know how we became to be, and some sappy if your not interested stop reading now! <3

I met Garrett in the 6th grade at our sisters 8th grade graduation. That's the first time I met him and i had him sign my I then met him again when we had the 7th grade fly up day, a day where you get to meet your 7th grade core teachers and the kids who were to be in your classes with you.  This is the instant i decided i wanted to be Friends with that weird boy Garrett. He came into the room with the strangest hair cut I had ever seen. It was a crown, the middle of his head was shaved, and then there was just a little that wasn't that was gelled to stick up and look like a crown around his head. (later i learned that he had been doing funky haircuts at the end of the school year forever).

Fastfoward to 7th grade,..
I had just been dumped by my boyfriend from 5th and 6th grade, and I was sad and alone... I couldn't sit with him and my old friends because i didnt want to see him. So I decided i need to hang out with some new people. This is where the "posse" formed...yes in 7th grade i had a posse haha, it consisted of 7 other people and me. Garrett was in this group. They would all make me laugh and we were all very close. I had a Big crush on Garrett but was afraid to do anything about it. We used to call and talk to each other on the phone for hours and hours (maybe that's why he doesn't like talking on the phone anymore.wooops). One time his mother was bring his sister over to a friends house and my house was on the way. She showed up at my house, and I was still talking to Garrett on the phone, and she told me to hang up and get in the car with her so I could just go hang out with him. I will never forget that! I had so much fun that day hanging out with him out of school and meeting his family, it was really nice i was there till like 9:30! It was crazy!

Fast forward to 8th grade...
I had a few boyfriends before Garrett and I started dating. They were okay, but i really still had this huge crush on Garrett. I was a Pop Warner cheerleader if you can believe it or not (6years) And there was an middle school dance that Garrett and i went to with some friends. Garrett and I spent the whole dance just sitting together, at one point he ever put his arm around me...then later on in the dance we were sitting and talking to each other and i just felt the urge to kiss him, so i kissed him on the lips, that was our first kiss. :]  the rest of the night you couldn't separate us. 
this is a picture from that dance

Garrett and i got nominated i be the  "Cutest couple that never was" in 8th grade for the yearbook, and we won...but later in the year Garrett finally asked me out! so they had to change it to: "The cutest couple, that ALMOST never was". He asked me out at lunch on a straw wrapper, and to this day i still have that straw wrapper 9 years later :-).

The following pictures are from 8th grade:

the last one is a picture from our 8th grade graduation

So that's the story of how we started dating. We used to sit together on the bus every morning, write each other notes, he would draw me pictures sometimes, and i still have all of these notes and pictures.

I was afraid when it was time for high school that i would loose him. Our middle school was merging with another middle school, and i was thinking about all the other pretty girls he'd meet and i was just a mess. But we made it work. We would meet at our lockers (they were right next to each other) between classes and kiss goodbye, and later we even  had classes together. We made it through and we walked together for Graduation.

Following pictures are from High school:

the last one is from graduation, look how short i am with all those tall guys!
Come college, and we went to schools 45 minutes apart, and both came home on the weekends to work our jobs. He would write me an e-mail every day freshman year and come visit me every Wednesday at school. We made it work.

the next pictures are from college:

We have had our ups and downs, no real big fights, but one that lasted almost a year long, a jealousy issue on my part which looking back on now i feel like it was a waste of a year, but i wouldn't change it because we are who we are today. We have grown up together as people and a couple. With out him i wouldn't be who i am today, and for that i am very grateful.

I love him soo much and i look forward to another amazing 9 years, and the rest of our lives together.

Thanks for reading, and i hope you like all the silly pictures!

Peace & Love Jme


Lauren said...

i still can't get over how little you guys looked.

Angela Lynch said...

You two make me giggle and jealous and tear up all at the same time. <3 Stay awesome!
-Angela L

Kristin said...

I don't know why I'm reading this now...

But anyway, I feel like a part of this post (and we both know why). You know how happy I am that things ended up the way they did. I wish for nothing but happiness for the both of you!