Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adding music to your Crafting.

Hey Everyone!! it's been a while since i have posted, i have been a busy bee working on Tonia's baby quilt for her baby boy Chase who is due to enter the world on Feb9th, so close!!! he really could come any time now, so i really need to get it done!!!

Anyways i haven't uploaded any pictures of smaller projects i have thrown together, but i will do that after my 2 hour work day! haha.

But I wanted to share with everyone some good songs to listen too while your sewing, cleaning, or just browsing looking for something new to listen too.

My First suggestion is:
1. Florence + The Machine- Kiss with a fist.
This song is so funny anc catchy, makes me just want to get up and dace around, its good to listen to when you are frustrated with something your sewing, and just need a dance break, put it on, get up and wiggle around!! Then get back to work, good stress reliever!!

2. Adele -  Rolling in the deep. I just loooove her voice!! Its so amazing, this is a great new song of hers, and i think its a great song to listen too and sing a long with while your working.


3. Arcade Fire- Sprawl 2. Just an awesome song, I love arcade fire!!!

The Suburbs

4. Pavement - cut your hair. I recently saw pavement at a festival in Montreal, and i love this song!! Simple words so easy to catch on and sing along with! and the oo's are also fun too!

Quarantine the Past: The Best of Pavement

5.  Neon Trees - 1983. I have really gotten into them. I bought my Aunt the CD for Christmas, and burned it onto my computer before she left, and i like them a lot.


I hope you enjoy all these songs, and maybe add some to your play list!!

Do you have any songs that you listen to when your crafting/cleaning/dancing around that i didn't mention? Please share I'm always looking for good music!!

Peace & Love J-me

p.s. I hope I get the opportunity to see some of these bands when Garrett and I head out on our music festival summer adventure!!

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