Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Finish! Crinkle Baby toy!

Hello everyone! Let me tell you this story about an amazing friend of mine. Her name is Miranda, and she has the cutest 7 month old baby boy whose name is Cyrus. When I heard of his arrival, I was so excited to be able to make him some fun baby things! I made him a mitered square blankie, and baby blocks with his name on them, and now i have made him a crinkle toy, with some fun tags on it.

I went over and visited with them 2 Tuesdays ago, and they are such a perfect pair! Lets just say I am super jealous and can't/can wait to have kids of my own. I spent the day catching up with Miranda, and watching Cyrus play with his blocks and his new toy. It was such a wonderful day! I can't wait to go over and play again, I will have to come up with another toy to bring him, or maybe some baby pants?

So  let me introduce you to Miranda and Cyrus. (Miranda is an awesome photographer by the way!)
(I also raided her facebook page for these pictures!)

His first time going apple picking. Isn't this the cutest picture?

I love the hood and the tongue sticking out!!

So on to the actual finish. I had read on the Internet about how babies love things that crinkle, and I had seen blankets made with tags, so I did a little searching on the Internet and came up with this.

I decided to give it a try and made my mom go to work on eating a bag of sun chips, because they have the loudest packaging!

 So this is what I came up with:

The tags are a bit long, but i didn't know, i just thought they would be better to tug on, and stick in his mouth! They are all different texture ribbons as well to for some added stimulation.

The only issue i ran into was I didn't make the whole to turn it big enough so when i started to turn it the bag started ripping off the stitching.  But i went extra slow and made it work.

I hope you like it! I will leave you with an awesome picture she took for me, just for this post!

Peace & Love  J-me


Lezlie21 said...

such a cute baby idea

Kara said...

Great job, both the toy and the boy are darling! Sun chips huh? I'll keep that in mind for the next crinkle toy! Thanks for the tip!

Fullofgreatideas said...

Love Love Love this. I have made my nephews the taggy blankets but never thought of putting the crinkle in it! I have a sister in law who is pregnant...I know what she will be getting for Christmas. Too bad I hate sunchips :) Stephanie (