Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cold Hiking Trip

Happy Sunday everyone! The clocks have been changed back, and it's been kinda a weird feeling day all around. My normal routine on Sundays is get up around 10 with Garrett, make break fest watch TV and basically nap all day. Sometimes we go on errands, other times Garrett will go for a bike ride or an outdoor adventure and leave me to sleep all snuggled up in his bed.

This day was a little different. We got up at 9, and made some breakfast, watched a little TV, the nova special on the Chilean miners. We then went to Garrett's Dad's house that he is flipping which is right across the street from my house, and helped move a HUGE fridge and stove into the house.

We went over and visited my mom next and Garrett said...Lets go climb Bald mountain. I have climbed this mountain before, but I'm not huge on climbing mountains, (I'm very out of shape, but need/want to get into shape), so i said sure! We packed up some food to cook, and lots of water, and an extra pair of shoes for me, because i was testing out the hiking boots Garrett got me for free from the dump.

The climb was really fun, and extra special because i had done it before and he has never. Before we got to the top i told Garrett about this "cave" like thing, so i took a picture of him in it.
Garrett was very impressed with me because i didn't complain at all! I had to stop a couple times to catch my breath, but there was no, how about we stop here? lets just go back! ugh I can't do this. haha. In fact i said a few of those things in my head, but not out loud! (haha I hope you don't read this Garrett!) I just said to myself just keep going, its rewarding, having fun with Garrett, doing something he really likes to do!

we finally made it to the top and it was a little cold! We tried to get the cook stove going to make some beans, but it wasn't cooperating, so we just drank some tea and took some pictures!
this is a panorama i took with my camera. We didn't got to the tippy top, but almost all the way. and the view was amazing!

This is our skills with the self timer and a small tri-pod
Don't I look cold?

We decided we'd better head back because we had no idea what time it was, and didn't want to get stuck on the way down in the dark. The walk down was fun because we just talked and talked about everything. He even mentioned how when we have children we should strap them to our...really my, back and climb mountains. :] That won't be for a while though!

When we got back we were happy to see that Garrett's dad, Nevan, had started a bonfire, so we stood by it to warm up.

It was a great Sunday, one of the best ones recently. I did miss the napping, but it was totally worth it! Now Garrett's back at school, and I can't wait for next weekend to see him again, and find another adventure to go on!

I hope everyone had a great weekend too!

Peace & Love J-me

*p.s. on January 9th (in about 2 months) Garrett and I will have been together for 9 years!!! wow that's almost half our lives! (were 22)

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