Thursday, October 28, 2010

an earring holder thinggy....

Hey Everyone. So I love earrings. i own a lot of dangle earrings. If you didn't know i have 5 holes in my ears, and none anywhere else.

here is some back story.... (i know you all wanted to hear this)

When i was younger my mother decided that the 3 older girls would get their ears pierced. She took us to the mall i believe, and my two older sisters went first. then it was my turn. I was excited to have pretty ears, but scared to get holes put in them with this thing they call a gun! I didn't want my ears to be shot! But mom told me how it would be fine and would only pinch a little bit. YEAH RIGHT MOM! I only ended up getting one pierced , because it hurt sooo bad and i cried and screamed so much that i didn't want to get the other one done.

Now fast foward....I'm not exactly sure when, middle school, i got the holes redone. and this time no flinching and It really didn't hurt! Then I saw that my best friend had her cartilage done, and i really thought that was cool, so i got that done as well. We used a normal stud and a normal gun, i thought i was cleaning it properly every day, but when it came time to switch it the earring was stuck! that was very painful! So i bought a stainless steel earring, and put it in, and it hasn't come out since. But that's okay because i like it that way.

One of my older sisters Christine, had let her holes close over the years and then she decided she wanted to get them done again. We were at the mall and she said that she would get hers done if i got my second holes done, so that's how i got those.

anyways...back to the holder thingy. I have lots of earrings and they all are just thrown into a little Wooden box, and I have trouble finding matching ones, and i hate digging through them all. So i wanted to find something easier to store them.
I searched online and I'm sad to say I don't remember the site for where i found this idea but it is perfect!

It is a Canvas that I bought for 1.99, and painted it with some sparkly paint!
Then you poke holes with something a push pin, and insert your earrings!

Then you can hang it on the wall and it's like art! (don't mind the messy desk!)

I  have it hung right next to my fabric covered tack board i made from One Yard Wonders.

I hope you like it!!! Check back tomorrow for a Friday finish! (hopefully)

Peace &  Love J-me

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