Monday, October 18, 2010

Things I Have been up too

Hey everyone! Long time no talk!! So if you don't already know, I have a new job! I no longer work only 6 hours a week! I work between 20-25 hours a week! Not full time i know, but its better then nothing, and it still gives me time to sew! Which i need!! If your wondering, the job I got is at a local NH bank, and i love it! The first two weeks were kinda crazy, full time hours and doing a lot of training! But now that I'm done taking mini tests, I'm so happy to be actually working! I love it, all the customer interaction, and its not a boring job at all!

So i have been busy with that, and I have also been busy painting my room, and getting everything together, There are still some changes needed to be made but for the most part it is done!

Everything seemed to come together nicely all at once, finishing my room, getting a job, and my car working and inspected. Garrett (my boyfriend) pointed it all out to me, he said hey are lives are beginning to come together. That made me soo happy!

Other things...My friend Tonia is having a baby! A boy, and I am so excited because I am going to be the Godmother, and I'm throwing the baby shower! She is due in early February! She just started a blog so you should go check it out!
I'm making her a cute baby blankie, but i cant put pictures up, because then she will know what it is going to look like and I want it to be a surprise!

So on to crafts. I have made curtains and two throw pillows out of fabric I LOVE, i got it cheap too at Mardens in Maine, amazing store for buying fabric!

Yes that is My first quilt in the pictures too!

I also recently went to a Quilt show, and picked up some fabric from the Pure line, and made a cute gathered clutch from this tutorial!

There is more to post about but, I think this is good. More to come tomorrow I'm sure, because it's my day off!

peace & love J-me


Chrissy Elliott said...

I love the orange and purple key chain I bought from you. (you weren't home when I bought it) I show it to everyone!

Tonia said...

Your room looks great!! And I love the new creations but I always do! And I can't wait for the surprise!!!