Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last Week of teaching!!

Hey guys. Guess what!?! This is my last week of teaching. Being the main teacher. Friday is the last day i have to do advisory, and lunch duty, and 9th block! Hurrah! I will probably still take charge sometimes and here and there but Friday I'm done. Thanksgiving week i have ALLL of it off. Well except for Monday because we have a workshop, but i probably don't have to go to it!

I have enjoyed my experience, I have grown as a person, and a teacher. I Still feel like i need to grow even more as a person in order to be a teacher full time. Maybe i will be a substitute, or something but I'm not planning on being a full time teacher in the near future. Maybe in the far future haha. I like teaching i Love the kids, I'm just not feeling ready. Isn't that what college, and student teaching was supposed to do for me? Well not as well as i thought it would.

So I'm graduating in May, I don't really have a plan of what I'm going to do next year at all starting in May. or August...ill give myself the summer. I do know i don't want to be working at rick and Diane's and only there, maybe on weekends. And i don't want a job like at McDonald's or Frameworks. Here is what I'm thinking and have been thinking for a while now. Bank, I'm going to look for a job at a bank, good pay, bonuses, benefits...and I NEED dental!! Ill have a steady income, pay bills, insurance, and maybe get my own place...naw ill wait for that until Garrett gets out of school...whenever that will be. OR i will try to get a job at an Architecture place, because i love Architecture, but there is only one place i know of in the area.

SO enough about my future, lets talk crafts!

So yesterday i was doing some crafting with felt making some ornaments before going to a Ball room/Latin dance class! (that was awesome!)

Here is what i had time to make.

Cute little felt snowmen! And underneath them you can see the Fabric i still have to cut for my quilt, which i will get to some time. Maybe the whole week i have off next week! Anyways I hope you like them!

Peace & Love J-me

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J-me said...

If you love teaching do it. Don't wait. Nothing in college prepares you for the real thing. I kinda laugh at those portfolios those professors made me do. I was a Math Ed 7-12 major. I hated my mentor teacher. He was terrible, a terrible teacher and person. He was why I didn't teach for a year. I worked as bank teller the year after college and hated it. I didn't want to work in the office environment. I didn't think was prepared for teaching either so I waited.

There is nothing better than a job in education for job security. A good math teacher is hard to come by too. I love it when I tried it. Go for it if you want to. Good luck in whatever you decide.