Monday, November 23, 2009

It's getting closer.....

Christmas is upon us. I am starting to freak out. I have so much to make. I have this full week off from school, well minus today. I plan on cranking out a bunch of things. Today I had a teacher workshop, and then I headed to concord, to go to two awesome Fabric stores, and then to the movies to see.....New Moon. yea I don't want to hear it ;).

Here is something I got done the other day that i have been working on for a while. It is a boxy pouch, a longer skinnier one. I quilted it, and it took me a while....b/c I kept putting it off. Well it is done now.

Here is what I bought at Peggy Anne's. Some beautiful Amy Butler fabric, I plan to make a buttercup bag out of it.

I fell in love with Lauren's Advent calender's fabric, that when I went to Golden Geese, I just had to get some Figgy Pudding for myself! I have a few ideas of what I will do with this fabric!

I also picked up a crazy fat quarter to go with my sister's tote bag I'm making her for x-mas, as well as some scraps that they sell for $.50 each! I thought it was quite a steal! some of the "scraps" were really big!

Well I have a lot of crafting ahead of me, hopefully I will get a big chunk of it done this week, as well as a big chunk of my huge paper due in 3 weeks! YIKES! wish me luck!

Peace & Love J-me

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Lauren said...

love the long duffle! so cool. also loving the AB fabric. Good luck getting a lot done this week, I think it will be unproductive on my end, sew a lot for me!